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Calling our son names Lock Rss

My hubby 'jokes' around on occasions and calls our son names. He is 13 months old.

For example, this morning we were talking about another child and all the words they can say. Then my husband says to our son "you don't say much, you must be retarded".

I told my husband "do not speak like that" he said it is ok as our son doesn't understand it.......

I said to him, well tell me when you will stop - when he understands it, and when is that?

He is adament that I am over reating. What does everyone think??

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

I agree with you - he may not understand it but why even say it in the first place!!!?

I would be sooo mad if my DH said anything like that. He once said something to DD about her "fat belly" and I really told him off - the last thing I want is my daughter having an eating disorder because her father teased her about having a fat belly. And heck, she is 5 years old, 14kg and still wears size 3 shorts!

Stand your ground so that your DP doesn't become comfortable speaking to your son that way.


Lisa, SAHM of 3

That isn't very nice, but probably a genearational thing as I know kids at school used the term retarted a lot, it wasn't seen in such a bad light as it is now.

Its suprising just how much they do understand but more so, how quickly they will copy a word. Soon enough, your little fella will go upto some one and say 'you are retarded' - not a nice situation to explain. We have had to curve lots of our bad habbits as DD copies every word. Its really hard to stop saying things you have said for many years - lol.

You are not over reacting. Its really important to be a good role model and that term is not a socially accepted term in that sense any-more.

Men can be difficult to deal with though. I have to make DH think it was his idea - then change is easy. If I try and be didactic, he digs his heals in and we get no where - LMAO.

Good luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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