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12 month old Immunisations Lock Rss

I would love to hear from anyone that has had their 12mth old vaccinated recently, as I've been told by my doctor that my son (who just turned 1) is due to have 4 injections at once. I find this is alot to have in 1 go and so far all my friends that have had their 12mths done they have only had 2 -3 needles at once. The needles he is due for are:
MMR, Hib, Meningococcal C and this new needle for
Pnumoccocal (not sure on the spelling for that, but it was just put on the free list for all new babies and any babies born 2004 onwards). I just think it is alot to have and really if my baby had a reaction to one of them how would I know which one caused it. I spoke to my doctor about this but she reckons he needs all of these needles straight away and she has given plenty of 12mth olds them all at once with no problems. So I'm open to hear any of you that have had their 12mth old babies vaccinated recently and how you went if they did have 4 needles.

Yep 4 needles is right.. 1 in each arm 1 in each leg.. common practise so if one does make them sick they know which one is was..
I just gave Krysta a dose of panadol and she was fine!

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

the most injections my son has ever been given at one time is TWO ... i"m 99% sure of that (if not then 3 max)!! NEVER 4 ... i wouldn't put my bubba thru that!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

i totally understand yoru concerns ... if you feel so strongly ... can't you take your child to another doc ... just for the immunisations ... just a suggestion smile

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi Melissa,
Well that was exactly I heard that happens now 1 in each arm and then 1 in each leg so obviously this is what happens now, thanks for telling me that.

Also Hi to Brandons mum,
I did ask another doctor and they said the same thing, we don't have too many doctors we can go to as being in the country doesn't give you alot of choice, but apparently this is what happens this year if your baby is due 12 mth needles, it use to only be 2 needles when my daughter was 1 in 2001, but now with these new vaccines out they have added two more on the list to have at the one time.
Great to hear from you both on your experiences.

Hi Hayley, I was all prepared to have my daughter have all four injections at once but my gp refused. He gave her two and believe me that was enough. She has been fine with all the other immunisations but these two really knocked her. I still haven't made another appointment for the other two yet!

Nerida Vic mum to Alysha Holly

Hi Nerida,
Thanks for telling me how you went about the immunisations. I did ask my GP if I could split the needles like 2 now and 2 later and she told me that 3 he really needs straight away espeically now winter is approaching, so I could opt and have just 3 as my GP was happy to do that, but still she said the 4 at once is fine. What 2 needles did your daughter have first? Also did you give your daughter panadol before the needles? I know some people don't like doing this and the doctor even says not to bother, but I have always done this with both my children and have never had a problem.

Hi Hayley,
When my son was 12 months old he was due for all four needles like your bub. My doctor wouldn't give all four though as he thought it was too much so he gave the Hib, MMR and Meningococcal C. (All in the thigh). He then advised us to return one month later for the Pneumococcal. One month after that he had the Chicken Pox vaccine and then one month after that he had the second and final Pneumococcal.(This one needed to be in the arm for some reason!). I have always given him Panadol half an hour before on the advice of my doctor and Lochie has been fine with all vaccinations. Good luck, sometimes I think it is harder on us than it is on bubs!

My babies are all grown up sad

My daughter already had the pneumococcal, so she had three, two in one leg and one in the other. She didn't like having them but cheered up soon after. However, she has a hot, red swollen lump on the leg which got two needles which lasted about 4 days. The actual lump took about a month to go away. After a week she got a rash and a mild temperature which I also believe is normal. I was ringing up the M+CHN to check because it was going into Easter and I didn't want to end up in Emergency. I think for my next child I will try to spread them out a bit because I did not like the lump in her leg which was about the size of a 50 cent coin - big for a little bub. By the way, all of my daughters pneumococcals went into the leg.
Hi Hayley, My doctor gave Alysha mmr1 and prevenar and told me that menningococcal and hib3 could wait. He did specify that I should return in a fortnight for those so I must get my backside into gear and make the appointment.
A big yes to your question about panadol. I actually give Alysha nurofen about half and hour before we go. My doctor has always recommended I do this. Hope this helps you out. Us mums are always worried about something aren't we. Take care.

Nerida Vic mum to Alysha Holly

Hi all,
After reading what you have all gone through with your babies with their needles, I think I'll be asking my doctor if we can split them as really its up to me to decide, the doctor can really only advise what is best and I just think 4 needles at once is alot, I'd rather him have 2 and then go back in a month and have the other 2. So I'll let you all know how I get on after my visit to the doctors tomorrow. I am also having my 4 1/2 year old vaccinated at the same time for her 4 - 5 yr old needles she is due 2! So I think its going to be a fun day for me, I'll have the panadol all prepared before we make the trip to the doctors for them both! So far both my children haven't had any reactions to any of the vaccinations, only the first time my daughter had her 2 mth needles her leg swelled a bit where the injection went in, which is apparently normal but she was in alot of pain with it and kept screaming and was upset for a few days afterwards, so after that the next lot of needles I had the needles put into her bottom, the doctor wasn't happy about doing it there, but again thats my decision so that is where the doctor put the needle in and then I had no further problems.
Thank you all for all your advice, been a great help.

Hi Everyone,
Well I took Christopher to the doctors today to get his 12mth needles, ended up only having 2 needles today, the doctor was quite happy with splitting them up for me, so today he just had his Hib and the MMR, I have to now go back in a mths time to get the other 2 needles, so I was happy with that. So far tonight my son is happy and doing okay, lets hope he is okay through the night. He was really good getting them, didnt' even cry for the 1st and then just cried a bit when the 2nd went in. My daughter was the drama, she screamed down the surgery when her 1st needle went in and then she didn't want the 2nd one, but the doctor got it in okay.
Thank you all again I feel so much happier now I didn't get the 4 needles done.

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