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Activities for 21month old Lock Rss


Seeking help for activities to entertain 21 month old (twins).

All creative ideas warmly received.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

The other day I made paper fish with charlotte I cut them out and she coloured them. We then taped a paper clip on to them complete;y covered so she couldnt get it. She decorated a cardboard inner from the glad wrap and tied some wool to it and a magnet on the other end and wetn fishing. It was such a hoot she was cracking herself up yelling snap.
Other than that she loves tracing things on her magna doodle and puzzels

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

i got my husband to make and easel for Jesse (23 months) so he can do finger painting outside with little mess and i play lots of music for hiim to sing and dance to the other thing jesse loves to do is if i make up a cubby house out of sheets inside (perfect for rainy days) and he then goes in there to play. we also pretended to have horse races running up and down the hall way. watch play school to get some ideas, they sometimes do good things and if you sit down and watch it your twins may just sit down for 1/2 an hour to. I know it's hard enough trying to entertain 1 let alone two so good luck and i hope that some of this helps

Karen , Mum to Jesse 21/7/03, QLD

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