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tough time with 2 Rss

imy daughter is 19 months old and i have a 3 month old son. i am constantly running between the two day and night. during the day my daughter is so loud and noisy and demanding that my son gets no sleep during the day. at night when my daughter wakes up sometimes up to 7 times my son is woken and it takes me upto an hour to resettle him. if any one has any tips on dealing with two children i would greatly appreciate it.......or maybe everyone with 2 young children has to do it tough for a while??

Cheryl,SA,Danika born 24.10.03 Matthew born 5.3.05

Maybe you should have a set routine for both kids. When you put bub down to sleep during the day, find a quiet activity for your daughter like playdoh, or colouring or just sit and look through books with her. Tell her its quiet time with just her and mummy and give her heaps of praise when she is quiet. Then when bub needs your attention, get her to help you, like say "can you get a nappy for mummy and you little brother? you are such a big girl and a great helper" etc etc. Take them to the park mid morning, fresh air will do you and bub good, she can run around and tire herself out so shes ready for asleep after lunch, giving you some time to bub or yourself.
It does get easier. Our boys are 2 years apart and it can be a handful when you have a toddler demanding all your attention. Get your hubby or someone to have both kids for a bit of time each week so you can do something for yourself, even if its just a long soak in the tub. Refresh your batteries so your relaxed. Good luck!

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

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