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Air travel. How? Lock Rss

HI, I'm going for a holiday to Hong Kong with my 15 months boy. We are going to stay in a hotel for a week and I wonder what MUST we bring with us? I mean I wish there are ways to pack the microwave but I don't think that is possible smile Any suggesstion?

happy mother

Thermal food and drink containers might be handy for you. If you need something warm/hot while on the move I find that they do the trick. I travelled to New Zealand for 10 days but firstly drove from Sydney to Sunshine Coast in Qld to drop the twins to their Grandma who was minding them while dad and I went to NZ and used them religiously to keep food and milk nice and warm on the trip up. Hope this is some kind of help!

lisa, mum of 2 twins

We stopped over in Hong Kong on our way to the UK, and the one thing i was glad we took was hand gel that you rub onto your hands to make them clean/germ free. I can't remember the name but your chemist should know what it is - it's basically a real high concentrate of alcohol. We also took lots of Dettol wipes.

Have a good time.

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

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