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fits/febrile convulsion --anyone had it? Lock Rss

I just wonder if any of your child has had fits before? My son just had a fits on Sat for the 2nd time and this time last for 1/2 an hour. The first fits happened 3 months ago was only 5 minutes. Also, he seems to get infection every months since he started family day care in december. I was told it's normal for them to get up to 12 infections a year once they started day care and it's good otherwise they will get sick often when they grow up. Does this happen to your child?
I'm a SAHM but over the last 12mnths have been sending my 3.5yr old to family daycare 2 days a week (she wasn't ready for kinder but needed outside interraction etc) anyway yes she's had more colds etc since which can't be avoided. Recently both her and 19mnth old contracted chickenpox (possibly from daycare) everyone does say (and I tend to agree) that this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it helps build their immune systems. As for febrile convulsions, mine haven't had them by my DH's bro did as a baby. I hear they are very scarey but not such a bad thing as the convulsion is the body's way of dispersing the extra heat and "dissolving" the temperature. Mind you, I haven't witnessed one and would probably be terrified so easy to say from the outside looking in!
I believe the best way to deal with febrile convulsion is to remove clothing and place child in cool (not cold) bath to gently bring down temperature. I guess the theory is that if not for the convulsion the temperature could take hold and threaten the child's life. Again, I know all this from family's experience but never have (or hope to) test if for myself.

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

Emily had a total of 5 convulsions and a couple of cases of the shakes when she had a temp. They stopped at around 18 months but we still watch her very carefully. The first three were 'normal', temp went up, eyes rolled back, convulsion lasted 1-3 minutes, came out of it, went to sleep and then was fine but the last two were really weird - both with almost constant shaking but not unconcious, eyes stayed focussed but lasted 10 minutes and 20 minutes. They are extremely scary and we are not worried about giving Emily panadol at the first sign of a temp (not that this helps because we never get a warning, temp shoots up first when she gets sick) but it makes us feel as though we are doing something. Emily has never been in daycare and doesn't play with other kids in group situations like that so although they get sick more often, I think it is just the child's reflex that makes them fit and not how many germs they are exposed to. At the moment, we have an appointment for a ECG to make sure she is not epileptic because of the duration of the last two but ahe hasn't had one since the appointment was made. What has your doctor told you about the convulsions?

Charlotte mum to Emily 27-08-03 & Lily 21-09-06

Yeah my son had one about 4months ago. It happend just as I came home from work. My husband was off sick for the day with a cold & my son also had one. As I pulled up in the drive way my husband said come in side the ambulance is on its way. As you can imagine I was very worried and didnt fully understand what had happend.
My husband told me our son just had a fit. He put him to bed as usual and about an hour later heard my son make a high pitched scream as he entred his room his little eyes were rolled back and his arms were stiff above his head. He also stopped breathing for a min or two. Im so glad my husband was there for him as this was the day my mum & dad was supposed to look after him. They would not have heard any of this as they dont have a monitor and he sleeps in a portacot.
My son doednt go to day care either and he always seems to be getting colds I thinks its just there little immiture ammune systems. The hospital told us that there isnt much you can do with febrile convulsions.
Its caused by a very sudden rise in temperature. You just have to sit them out and make sure you always call 000. My son was assesed the next day I was told one in 20 children will get this. They also told me he may have a 2nd episode and he may not. My friends little girl had 2 fits in 2 months she hasnt had any since. The Dr also asked if he had messed his pants I told them no. I asked why do you want to know this and he said if a child or adult messes there pants during a fit its more likely to be an epileptic fit. And then he will require more tests. My son is 21months old and so far he hasnt had anymore. At them moment he has a cold which he has had for two weeks. I'm always checking his temperature as Im worried about this happening again.

My little man 12.11.03

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