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What your rountine for your nearly 2 and Up?. Lock Rss

Hi Just wondering what everybodies Routines are for there toddlers between 20-26th Months.
Ie what time do you start the day and have breakfast, what do you do after breakfast any specific art and craft activities etc. what time lunch, day naps, bath, meals, bed etc etc......

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

My son Jesse (23 months) gets out of bed at 7:30am then breaky at about 8am, after that he then goes and plays with his toys and watches play school, while i clean kitchen and do the floors and then he comes outside while i hang out washing, he then plays on his bike or in his cubby house, we then do some paintings/craft then inside for morning tea at 11-11:30am he then sleeps from 12noon -2pm when he wakes he then has lunch and from 3pm to 5pm we spend time outside he loves to help water the yard, rides his bike, kicks ball and plays with our chooks at 4:30-5pm we then come inside and cook tea which he then eats at 5:30pm bath at 6pm quite play, stories and songs until 7:30 when he then goes to bed to charge up his batteries for the next day smile . Jesse also goes to daycare 2 days a week and a toy library playgroup once a month. what sort of a routine do you have.

Karen , Mum to Jesse 21/7/03, QLD

Hi Myrtle

My son will be 2 in a couple of days. This is how our day generally goes:

7.30am - wakes up and has breakfast
8am - watches tv or the wiggles while I have a shower
8.30am - we sometimes read or draw, or play outside if it's not too cold
11.30am - lunch
12pm - sleep for about 2 hours
2pm - usually play outside for an hour or 2
3.30pm - usually watches Hi-5 or playschool
4pm- usually reading or hopefully quiet play.
5.30pm - dinner
6pm - bathtime
6.30pm - reading and quiet play (if daddy doesn't get him too excited)
7pm(sometimes 7.30) - bedtime.

As I said this is our general daytime routine, I have a 3 month old baby too so things don't always go to plan. My husband is a shift worker too so our routine sometimes changes a bit when daddy's home. I always try to stick to our dinner/bath bedtime routine though. If I need to do any shopping I try to get out first thing in the morning so I'm back before lunch and sleep time.

As for art and craft - we don't do a lot of it at home as (I know this sounds bad) I just don't always have time. He loves drawing on his blackboard with chalk - which is outside so he'll often do a bit of drawing in between playing with his tonka trucks and swings etc. He also loves 'helping' me around the house like passing me the pegs when I'm hanging out the washing and stuff like that. I'm hoping to get a bit more organised now that my 3 month old daughter is a bit more predictable with her routine, so we can do more crafty type things like painting and playdough etc.

Take care
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