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Anaphylaxis, Epipens, Food Allergies... its a worry! Lock Rss

My son has been prescribed the use of the Epipen because of a severe adverse reaction to a food he ate. The reaction is called Anaphylaxis and is life threatening. He needs an Epipen whereever he goes from now on (to use in case he stops breathing).
I am a little overwhelmed by this.. sometimes I wonder abt the future.. like what happens if he gets an attack at school and there is nobody to help him... or what if we go out and he eats the 'wrong' thing and there is no help fast enough...etc.
Does anybody out there have the same condition as my little one? An allergy test showed severe allergy to eggs and peanut, moderate allergy to hse dust mites and wheat. He had a bad 'attack' on dired apricots, although we know that it was the preservative used on the apricot, and not the apricot itself.
Can anyone also suggest what occasional 'treats' I can give my son? He can't eat any biscuits or cake in the supermarkets... they all seem to contain wheat and egg. Any suggestions??


I'll write more later when i have fed the boys, but don't worry about school! I'm a teacher and we're all trained in the use of Epipens at my school. We did an initial course and do a refreshewr each year to cater for the chn at school who suffer anaphylatic allergy attacks.
I'll be back!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

it is all very overwhelming isnt it! It does get easier but some days are better than others. My dd is not (fingers crossed) ana but every allergy has the potential to become life threating. On eating the wrong thing when out. If i cant without a doubt say that the food doesnt contain DDs allergins we dont eat, as a conciquience (sp) we take our own food everywhere! Sue Dengates books are good as is the RPA hospitals Friendly foods bhook. There is support groups on the net if youd like info or to chat you can email me
[email protected]

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

My 16m boy is also dairy, nut and egg allergic and has an epipen. I am quite confident about using the pen if needed and with the foods I give him. I am nervous however about the future when he wants to visit friends or leaving him with other baby sitters then my mum. I feel as though I will have to put a big sign around his neck letting everyone know. We did visit a friend a few weeks ago who 4yo had the jar of peanut butter and was offering it to Jacob with a spoon, luckily we saw and stopped him. I have found that we know have to very dillegent and always keep a close eye on him without been over the top. It has been hard a bbq and parties when people have nuts, dips and cheezels etc and all the kids are picking at them. I am trying to educate close friends without appearing an hypochondriate mum to them as I sometimes feel, but people not in the same situation just seem niave to the seriousness of the problem. Very hopeful the allergies will diminish over the next few years. With schools and daycare am confident they are qualified and dilligent enough to be safe with these products.

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

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