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when you get grommets they usually give you a head piece that you put on your child when bathing or showering. you can get special ear plugs for swimming doctors can advice you of where to get them... my son is yet again getting another set of grommets as in the last month he has ruptures his ear drum twice and maybe a 3rd time as the atm the doctors cant see his ear drum to tell...
its will work out...
my son is 3 and a half, let me know how it goes...
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Hi Heidi!
My older son had grommets !! you have to make sure that no water at all goes into her ears !!! you can get ear plugs from the chemist but they not as good !! we bought a custom made one from the hospital and that was better but he still had some water in his ears when he was swimming and we had a lot of trouble !! not very good experience at all !! he still had ear infections even more than before !!! so hopefully you will have a better experience but i would only do it if she really really needs it !!!
ok keep in touch !!!
Hi Heidi
My son jayden who is turning 3 next week got grommets when he was 14 months old and i was told he only needed to wear ear plugs if his head was going to be under water. We have followups every year with the specialist to check how Jayden is going and unfortunetely this year at his check up the specialist discovered that one of the grommets have left a hole in his ear drum so now he has to wear earplugs until he is atleast 6! And the specialist even said he may have to have a very minor surgery to fix the hole when he is about 5 or 6 aswell. Bummer but the grommets really helped my son as he was getting ear infection after ear infection. Hope this helps in someway.

christina - 3 darling children

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