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Lots and lots of dribble Lock Rss

I really need advice as my 17mth old is dribbling like mad. He always has been a bit of a dribbler but in the past 2 weeks it has become a nightmare. Bibs are changed about 1/2 hour and a saliva rash has been under his chin as long as I can remember. He is showing some swollen gums and the gums appear to have some teeth trying to come through but no one I have come across has a problem to this extent. Am I worried needlessly and when can I expect it to improve? Is there a more serious problem?
Mum to Aidan

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

Hi Sauci

My 15 mths old is dribbling heaps more atm he has 14 teeth now and the dribbling has stopped a bit in the past couple of days since 2 of his eye teeth came through.

I would say its def teeth (what are we going to blame allthese things on when all the teeth are through LOL)


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

HI Sauci,

I posted for help on this a while ago (can't remember when, sorry) but my girl wouldn't stop dribbling. She had stopped at 18 months and started again at about 24 months. I thought it would never end. Well, she has finally stopped, just in the past month! At nearly 3 years she is too old to be walking around with a bib on, so her shirts used to be wet all around the neck for most of the day and when she got a cold she was just a big spit machine! We have been using stickers on her hand as a reward for other things for a while now so she started asking for a sticker if she hadn't been dribbling. It seems to have worked.

Good luck.

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