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eye drops - how???? Lock Rss

How on earth do you get eye drops in a 14 month old that refuses to lie still, pushes your hands away and wont open his eyes!!! I dont have enough hands to hold him down, hold his arms, hold the eye open and squeeze an eye drop in!!! Its impossible!!!!!!!!

Suz, NSW

been there done that no exactly how you feel. I can not remeber what we did.
I am trying to get eyedrops in my twin 6 month olds eyes at the moment too from conjunctivitis and they are doing exactly the same thing. We just dangle a toy and try and hold there arms as hubby drops the drops in but they know thwy keep their little eyes shut.

oh the joys

BTW how you going at the moment

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

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