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Biting Lock Rss

Our son Phoenix, who is 17 months, has just started to attend at home daycare. His daycare Mum says he's fitted in well and is extremely well liked by the other children particuarly the older boys, but on two seperate occasions has tried to bite another child.

At first we thought it was because the child had taken his teddy which is like a security blanket to him, but then when he attempted to bite a second time we knew that was not the case. Our daycare Mum says unless he is actually caught in the act of biting we are wrong to discipline him.

Since he does not bite either of us or his younger sister when at home, and only seems to do it at daycare, we are at a loss as to how to teach him biting is wrong and not to do it. Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be really appreciated.
We continue to have a hard time with this one...

Our boy, 22 months is a biter. I understand all the anxiety and gut renching horror that you may feel when our little angels display such socially unacceptable behaviour. I feel so awful when it happens.

I'm still at a bit of a loss as to what to do - everyone gives all the advice from 'bite them back' to don't bite/smack them etc.

I use a form of timeout/'corner' type of punishment. I tell him in a firm voice that he has hurt xxx and made them said - "no biting".
Try not to cuddle or pick them up - ie. avoid giving them any positive stuff. Put him in the corner (for a while) and then when he comes out he must make an effort to say sorry (usually a friendly touch - a hug/kiss if the other child won't be too scared of it all happening again).

His twin sister isn't a biter so at least I know it's not a parenting thing.

I am now looking for patterns to see if I can prevent it happening.
I think that there may be a link with - being tired and frustrated - if he does bite, it's around 11am onwards - closer to lunch, nap time etc.
The teething thing also seems to coincide - he is generally less tolerant and grumpy full stop.
He usually is provoked - someone takes his toy and he gets angry and bites... it all happens so quickly though.
We have done lots of work with sharing too...

Would love to know if you find a strategy that works. I find this has helped me, but it does still happen. Others tell me that they just grow out of it, but I'm sure that doesn't help the victims (or their mums).

You are not alone


My 18 month old daughter has recently started biting me. She does it when she is tired/hungry/frustrated. In fact, in the last two or three weeks, my little angel has been crying, grisling, throwing random tantrums, and doing just about anything to get my attention. She particularly hates it when I am busy in the kitchen and wedges herself between my legs and the bench, screaming to be picked up. Yesterday she bit me on the leg so hard that I jumped and yelped, which scared her and made her cry. These are all behaviors that I rarely ever saw up until a few weeks ago!
I'm just trying to ignore the bad behavior where possible, and put her in the naughty hall when it's something that I feel I shouldn't ignore.
I think it's all because she is feeling more and more complex emotions, wants and needs, but doesn't yet have the words to tell me.
Anyone with any clue on how to get through this trying time, please share them!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

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