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how to discipline when you are out? Lock Rss

HI All
I have 2 girls, 3 yrs old and 16 months old. The elder one is very active and adventures, want to touch, explore every single new thing and try to do most of the things by her self. I have to keep an eye on her every second, and the moment you turn ur back on her she will do something dengarous.she did have few minor accidents and a major one but luckily no severe injury has happened but for every single accident she had we have at least saved another 20 . She does listen to me but after a little while she will forget and will start again. Last night we were in my friend's house and she was doing the same thing, touching every single showpiece they had, trying to serve ice-cream to us, it goes on... And whenever I will ask her to stop she will come and sit with me for few mints and then start again. I could see that its so difficult for her to keep herself away form all this new things . I don't support smacking but I did tried naughty corners, reward s at home and it did worked for sometimes but when u are out what do you do. How do you get them the idea that they need to behave differently when they are out. any suggestion will be of great help.

I try to be consistent and do the smae thing regardless of if we are at home or out as much as is possible.

I don't particularly like those wrist straps that you put around their wrist and yours but in desperation I did buy one and use on my then nearly 3 year old because she kept running off.

I only used it twice before she got the message LOL. I just kept it in my handbag and used it if needed. I would warn her when we left home "if you run off mummmy will need to put the saftey strap on your wrist' and the first time she ran away straight away (testing, testing) we were at the shops so I pulled it out, she protested (which I just ignored except saying 'you run off so we need to leave this on until we are finished')

The next time she cried as soon as I got it out again nad made her wear it but it worked she never ran off again and while these two shopping trips were a nightmare with lots of stares at least she was safe and learnt not to run off.

BTW if anyone stared to much, I simply said to them 'she runs onto the road, so I need to make sure she is safe' That was with one child as she refused to go in the pram "i'm a big girl' LOL but maybe you could try a twin pram if you have one.

Sometimes I think too that when people stare etc it's because they are thinking "that poor mum' or "by do I remember that stage' and not the 'oh, she's a bad mum' like we seem to think they are thinking.

Good luck

DS is just emerging on this stage-HELP ME!!!!!! LMAO

Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

DS is 1 now, need to update my profile LOL

Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

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