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Head Shape, Plagiocephaly, Metopic Synostosis Lock Rss

Some time ago I posted a story about my son and his odd headshape, and if anyone else had gone through anything similiar. I thought I would now update on his diagnosis.
We have been told that Lachlan has Positional Plagiocephaly AND Metopic Synostosis. He has been wearing a moulding helmet for 4 months now and will continue to wear this until November. Unfortunately the helmet cannot correct the metopic synostosis (premature fusing of sutures in skull), and Lachlan will require surgery later on this year in Sydney to re-open the closed suture.
It has been quite a stressful time for us, but at least we have some answers now. I find that when I go out with Lachlan, I get lots of funny stares from people who probably are wondering what the helmet is for, so I guess the more people know about this the better. If anyone else is having similar problems or would like to know more about our experience, feel free to contact me.

Bron, Mum to Lachie

Hi Bronwyn.
I know of a girl whos son had this and needed to wear a helmet also, she refused to have her son in it, and ended up getting very funny towards her son, almost to the point of hating him. I think it is very sad that it had come to that, if there is something medically wrong then it is best to find a solution if possible.

Thankyou for posting this and hope your little man continues to improve over time.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Bronwyn,
My son has metopic craniosynostosis and is due to have surgery in October. I just wondered how you were getting on? I know how hard this whole thing can be and if you ever want to talk I know what you are going through.
Take care,


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