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Need ideas to stop 21mth old tantrums Lock Rss

Hi to all
Ive just had new baby my eldest is chloe and gets bit jealous and has started chucking tantrums i have bein told to ignore them but doesn't always work it's hard when you in middle of feeding and also having trouble getting Chloe to sleep of a night Can take any where up to 2hrs.. used to read her story then walked out of room and she would settle on her own now cant keep her in bed!
PLEASE HELP..........
Hi Domestic Goddess. I can only sympathise with you. I was pregnant with Jacob when Luke really turned up his tantrum throwing to full throttle. I ended up going to the Triple P program in total despair. When I did the course, I learnt that it is best to ignore him. They told me if necessary, to place him in a safe room - somewhere he cant hurt himself. To get down on his level and calmly say that if he is going to scream then he will be put in timeout, and that he can come out when he stops. Then to lock the door if need be and go and have a cup of coffee - outside if necessary. Trust me I was sceptical and the last thing you like doing is causing your child to be upset. It got worse...a lot worse. He went off like a cracker. Then suddenly it stopped. He realised I meant business and that I was prepared to carry out my threats. By combining this with giving him enormous attention when he was doing the right thing, my child returned to normal. Rewarding good behaviour really does work because kids love making you happy, and often the reason they go mental is because their little minds dont know how else to get your attention.
Chloe is having a lot to deal with right now, not to mention her age - terrible twos and all - but if you follow through and are consistent, and try (and I know it is hard) to stay calm - let them know you are upset and they win! then she will return to the angel you once knew.

Goodluck - have been there and I know it is hard. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Mum to 4yr old and 16mth old boys

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