I am going crazy here. My 26-month-old has just started getting his first 2-year molars. It has been so bad and started around Thursday last week (now Monday night). It first started with the pooey nappies accompanied by terrible nappy rash, though by the weekend had gone full swing into high temps, really bad moods, lots of crying and saying "ow, teeth", as well as lots of interupted sleep. I never realised teething could get this bad (at least with my son- you know the attitude; won't happen like that to us!).
Anyway, I took him to doc's today and have been given antibiotics for ear infection and infection where tooth is coming through. Also tonight am trying to give him a different painkiller - strong paracetamol/codeine phosphate liquid - but he has gone all off medicines - prior to this he loved having medicine (he usually absolutely loves Nurofen). I am also trying to get some Bonjelo in there too, but I feel terrible afterwards as I live in a block of units, and his screaming can get quite intense after these medication sessions.!
I know I'm going on a lot but what I really want/need to know is how long is this going to last?
And is it likely that it will be like this with all the other molars which are yet to come?
I know he is in a lot of pain, but at the same time I am feeling utterly exhausted and have used up all my patience (not to mention the money on endless medications which he is now spitting out and refusing to swallow!)
Any help or at least comfort that you know what we are both going through (I am single so by saying 'both' I mean my son and I) would be so much appreciated.