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Immunisation Lock Rss


My 13 month old baby girl has had all the recommended government injections.

Has anyone had any off the extra injections that are available at a cost etc chickenpox.....

Any info would be great.


Lee,QLD,18/12/02 baby girl 26/09/05 baby boy

Hi Lee

My daughter is 15 months I have also given her the Menagitis injection at 12 months & she is having the Chickenpox injection next week.

Hope this helps

Hi Lee, In the baby post under caring for your baby you will see a post on pnuemoccal immunisation just over half way down the page. This is a very costly injection but if you read the post you will see it is worth it. One of the children from my mothers group got this and luckly she was ok. But they are not sure on what if any long term effects will be. There was also a recent story on this on one of the current affair shows where they interviewed a young couple who's child had died of this. It was truly heart breaking considering if they had even heard of this disease (not a lot of people have) , which can be avoided if your child is immunised, they would have done it and there beautiful child would still be here today. Its up to you but I would suggest having a read of the post.

As for chicken pox I was reading the other day in our paper that there is another out break of chicken pox. The story said that approx 3 children die a year from chicken pox. The main problem is that the incubation period for this is approx 14 days before the spots come out. I have known a few children who did get the injection but still got chicken pox. No doubt they had been infected before they had the needle, I guess that is just the luck of the draw.

My daughter is 13 months old too and has had all the govt. recommended immunistaions. At this stage I have not paid for any additional injections. I am concidering getting the chicken pox vaccine for my daughter before she starts any sort of childcare / preschool. The other vaccine for pnuemoccocal (sp?) is quite expensive and while you cannot put a price on your childs health, you can't get money from trees either. (please anyone who reads this don't get defensive and jump down my throat) I do care about my daughter's health, and if I had unlimited funds I would get all the costly immunisations done. My daughter is happy and healthy and I am very conscious of who she comes into contact with also.

I think it is a personal and financial choice.
The 24hr free help line for the Meningitis Foundation is 1800 129 068.

Web site is

They can send you material all about these immunisations and are there to answer absolutely any question you have. Please use it otherwise this expensive system will go to waste.

Other sites are the;
NSW Health -
There is a good vaccination web site but all I can find at the moment is

It is good to read up on the vaccinations before you use them. You will find out things like the vaccination doesn't cover all meningococcal, only C. The rest are A, B (which has 20 or more sub groups), W135 and Y. Then you have the pneumococcal, which is a separate vaccination and now is the leading cause of meningitis.

mum of 3

My daughter turned one a week ago and this week she had the meningococcal vacination. I asked about the pneumococcal vacination but my doctor said that at the moment it is being restricted to high risk only as there is not much of the vacination left in the country.
i will be getting any immunization possible ( not sure where i will be plucking the money from yet!!) not just for my own childs sake but for others. the more people who have the vaccinations the better as it is possible for the disease to be eradicated all together like polio etc. however i too was told that the pnuemoccoccal was restricted at the moment.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

my boys hvae all had mengicoccal and chicken pox

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi there,

My 13 month old daughter has had all the recommended government immunisations and just last weekend she also had the Meningoccocal C immunisation as well which from January 1 this year has also been added to the governments list of free immunisations for children. After talking to the doctor about immunisations, my husband and I have now decided that our daughter will have the chickenpox immunisation as well moreso because she is in childcare 3 days a week and there has been 1 confirmed case recently of a child in the older rooms getting chickenpox, so she will definitely get this one in the next couple of weeks. The cost of this I have been told is about $50, a cost which we're more than willing to pay for. I'm also going to find out what other immunisations are available.

Mel, SA

my boys all had the chicken pox& mengincoccal still deciding about pneumoccal

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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