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What I have learned since becoming a parent.... Lock Rss

I thought that since we are all doting, loving, and wise parents, we could maybe share with each other what we have learned. I've started a list, please everybody add to it!

- I love my child so much, it can actually make me cry.
-having a child really does change your relationship, no matter how much you swore it wouldn't!
-even though I have a child, it still makes me squirm to know that my parents know that I have actually had sex!
-sleep, snatched anywhere, any time, is very, VERY important!
-I have produced the most perfect, beautiful creature of any mother ever!
-my mother is a saint
-so is our cat.
-big cotton undies are really, really comfortable.
-Spending the entire day shopping is no longer fun.
-Somehow I seem to remember all the words to all the songs in Mary Poppins.
-breastfeeding is the most beautiful, magical thing I have ever experienced.
-Cosmo magazine is no longer worth the money.

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

- Country Road sales no longer set my heart racing, but Target and K-Mart sales do
- before kids, anything that cost less than $100 was cheap; after kids, anything that cost more than $10 is expensive (symptom of going from very comfortable DINKS to single income and two kids)
- my twins have their own nappy landfill (I'm sure of it. Hate to count how many nappies we have gone through so far)
- Top 40 songs are all by Hi-5 and Wiggles
- I actually like some of those songs
- We will never eat dinner in peace ever again
- before kids, meet up with other childless friends for dinner at 8pm, after kids, we would have eaten and are home already by 8!


Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

I too have learnt some new things....
I have learnt that:
-my mother really does know everything!
-guaranteed to happen everytime, 5 minutes after having a shower, dressing, primping and preening (which took a grand total of 10 mins, on a good day) you will have dirty clothes, messed up hair and you won't be able to find your other shoe
-even though frustration will come it will only last for 1 minute because this was all delivered with a huge smile from your gorgeous baby and you really are just so lucky to have her
-out of 7 days you can have your house sparkling clean 4 days in a row. You will also have no visitors. At all. Not even any door to door salesmen. On the day that your house is a mess though every man and his dog will come by.
-Thats right, I know that every man and his dog could've come by when I was in labour and I WOULDN'T HAVE CARED!!!!!
-time really is such a precious thing. And that it must be God's way of helping us because without it to fog my memory there is absolutely no way I would even consider, at all, going through the pain of childbirth again
-ways of doing things are not necessarily wrong, just different. This ecspecially applies to me. And my mother-in-law
-a simple thank-you but we're okay is often nicer than saying just butt out would you! Again, me and my mother-in-law
-the most important thing I have learnt? There are no supermums!!!!! Those people who say that they are are lying! We all muddle through, doing the best we can. some good days, some not so good days and some just total crap. But it's okay. Why? because tomorrows a new day!!!!

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