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Ears pierced? Lock Rss

i dont want this to turn into another catfight, and i know this subject has been done before but i didnt bother reading it basically cos it wasnt an issue with me and i wasnt really interested at the time. I dont want peoples personal opinions about if its cruel or wrong etc.

anyways DD is 26 months(or 2 going on 15!) and has decided she wants "earfings" like nanny and mom. so im trying to decide if to get them done or not. has anyone had their DDs/DSs done and had problems or no problems? did it hurt her/him heaps? i remember all i wanted was my ears pierced from a young age and i wasnt allowed to get them done, so i wagged school and went and got 3 holes in one ear and 2 in the other and hid them for weeks by wearing my hair down. i definatly dont want DD to feel that she has to do that. and i know shes gotta go to school and grow up before she wags etc... but at the moment she keeps on at me bout earfings for her ears.

well its up to you and her, do you think she could handle it and the care afterwards especialy if they get infected. I got my first when i was 12, have 5 in each ear now, and it does really hurt when u get it done, i can deal with it, but i dont know about a youngster!
ive peirced HEAPS of ears on lil girls ages from 5months-75years

never had a problem or sum1 come back saying they got infected ect.

its the initial 'bang' that scares lil ones the most it does sting a lil bit and feel hot but the antiseptic spray cools it- most babies/kids cry for 2mins and then its all over!

if she wants them tell her it will hurt a lil bit, just be honest!

i think she is old enuff to get them done no problems!
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all mine have got infected when igot them done, done everything i was told to keep them clean. then we figured out the antisepetic spray i was alergic to so that didnt help at all, the last ones i took out for a year and had them re pieced. end up on anti biotic everytime
I pierced Jaz's myself (with another huggies mum holding her on her knee) I have a piercing gun and am not afraid to use it!! I did Jaz's a couple of moths ago. As long as you are really anal about cleaning them a few times per day, she will be fine. Jaz was more shocked then anything!!
My DD got here ear's done when she was 6 week's old, she is now almost 4 & has never had a problem with them.



im qualified to do ear piercing and if you do get it done, i have a suggestion to combat the pain/shock.

if you are able to find a place that has 2 people who are trained to do it, get them to pierce both ears at the same time.
That way the noise, shock and pain all come at once and then thats it, its done.

My little sister got her ears pierced quite young but she got one done, and the noise and pain etc scared her and she refused to get the other one done. it took her a few weeks to build up the courage.

Just an idea
I think each child reacts differently my cousins front of the earing went in her ear and got very infected. But i have also had friends that have had no problems with there kids ears.

PM Me For a link to an awesome site

I had Ellianna done about 4 months ago and the only problem she had at the time was when they put the ink spot on her ear , she was like why are you touching me lol , after 6weeks I changed the studs to stearling silver sleepers smallest ones 8mm from chemist and daddy got her a set of blue birds so I put them on her sleepers, I have never had problems with either , when I changed to sleepers { easier to clean } I jus use bepanthen lill front and back and everythings fine smile hope that helps

i got my daughter done at 5 1/2 months she didnt cry she just finched but i recon it was the noise... cleaned them 2 to 3 times a day had a little infection but changed to sleepers and no worries
I think go for it afterall its either gonna be now or later down the track. i think the age is fine
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