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My first minor scare as a mother Lock Rss

Just wanted to share what happened this evening.

I had just finished giving my 19mth old DD a bath and I was drying her off when she tried to move forward, slipped on the wet floor and hit her mouth on the edge of the bath hard!!!

Blood started coming out of her mouth and as DH was at work, I started freaking out!!!! At first I thought she may have knocked her teeth out!!! I picked her up, put a towel to her mouth to try and stop the bleeding and ran to the phone to ring my Mum. After a couple of minutes DD started to settle down, the crying slowed and I could finally see her mouth properly. She hadn't knocked any teeth out, but had bitten her bottom lip hard!

Soon after, the blood stopped pouring out, she stopped crying and I began to compose myself again. In the end, she was ok. She drank her milk happily, even let me brush her teeth and has been sound asleep for 3 hours now!!

She will however have a huge fat lip in the morning I'm sure.

Just wanted to share my first minor scare as a mother.
Does anyone have any other stories where they freaked out and bub was ok in the end???

Sam and Hayley and bub

my DDwas 2 at the time and was playin with her brother and they were dancing to music and he had his guitar and turned around and didnt know she was there and banged the top of her head .blood was everywhere i rang brother inlaw which lived in the next street, to take me to the hospital.3 stitches later mum did more crying then her.she was fine but her brother was very upset.

About 2 months ago, my DD was playing, slipped over and bit the tip of her tongue. It was hanging by a tread. She looked like a snake!!

I was on the phone to my mum and the time (DH was out), mum & dad came over.

Blood was pouring everywhere and she wouldnt let me put anything near it. Luckily, I had a icypole in the freezer and gave this to her to suck on. It stopped the bleeding and numbed the pain.

By the time my mum & dad got to my place (5 min), she was as happy as larry.

It took about a month or so for her tongue to heal and now you cant even tell the tip was hanging off.

Dont worry about it. If it makes you feel better, this is just the start of it!!! LOL

Hi there

isn't it awful when these things happen?
My worst scare was in december last year my two year old at the time was playing with her twin sister in the kitchen as i was washing up. My hubby and i rotate a weekend sleep in each and it was his turn on this particular morning. I turned my back and the girls were playing chase, next thing i know i heard a bone chilling bang and after a second or two of silence the loudest distressed scream ever. I shot over there to find my sweet little girl had fallen and hit her forehead on the corner of the wall and had a blood streaked line about 5cm long which right before my eyes burst open like a sausage in the pan!!!! I scooped her up and ran into the bedroom screaming for my DH to get out of bed as she had split her head open, the poor thing lept up and nearly passed out from stress (not the best wake up call to recieve) and i thrust Em into his arms as i frantically got dressed and grabbed a wet cloth for her head.
The hospital was great and she was fine too. she still has a scar that is fading everday, but i sure cannot watch any medical shows that have sick or injured children in them. it is amazing how being a parent changes your perception of things.
When my ds was around 18 months he was jumping on the ottoman,after taking him off it 20 times he fell off and smacked his forehead on the wooden bookshelf and knocked himself out for a few seconds! I absolutely had a heart attack! By the time I picked him up (5 seconds) he had a huge egg.I rang the dr and they said to bring him up,a few hours later he was fine (and so was I,lol).Then when he was around 2.5 my bil and dh had him downstairs riding his little bike and he went sailing down the driveway smashed into the steps and straight over the handlebars and landed head first on the steps.He did get concussion out of that one and the 24 hour dr came to examine him at midnight.He was ok the next day just a bit grumpy.
Oh the joys of having a wild boy,nothing like that from my dd,YET!

Hi! 6 weeks ago at my parents place, My DD (Now 15mths) was thinking she was so clever crawling really fast on the kitchen tiles. next minute, she face plants straight onto the tiles with a dummy in her mouth. Blood was every where! Lucky mum was there, cause I was no help! I scooped DD up and was in tears myself when supper grandma comes at DD with a wet t towel and dummy. Little miss sucked her dummy till the blood was gone, had a bottle and went to bed without another peep! She had split her tongue. Poor kid! Aren't they bad for scaring us!

Peta, mummy to Alexandra 22months : )

SO glad she is ok, gosh I HATE blood coming from the mouth with a passion cause I always think of those poor teeth too. I have learnt along the way a teaspoon of sugar stops mouths bleeding quicker too

I have had no scares with my second son Jayden ... our eldest Ryan tho is another story he just seems to attract mishaps. His major ones are -

1. 10mths old, just started walking. Tripped (over nothing). Had a dummy in his mouth and fell fwd with his mouth. He cut that bit of gum up above the front two teeth.

2. 18mths old, he was at the creche at gym. Was trying to climb in the back of a tip truck toy. It flipped. He landed face first on the concrete. Grazed all the front of his face and had an egg on his forehead the size of an egg. Had to be monitored at GP for concussion

3. 23mths old. Playing on a playground. Tripped (over nothing again) and landed head first into a corner of the equip. Split his head open so you could see his skull. Blood everywhere. 6 stiches later to his forehead and another concussion watch

4. 2.5yrs old. Had an immersion in our backyard pool when from the step he was playing on he reached for a toy that was in the deeper part of the pool and silently went under the water. I was sitting beside the pool and others were in the pool. It was about 20s that he would have been under for we worked it out to be. One second I was watching him play, I turned to point to a friend where our towels were kept, turned back to face the pool and realised I couldn't see him and then saw him under the water. Cause when he went under he started trying to scream for help (he was doing it has i pulled him out) he inhaled a lot of water. I pulled him out and he couldn't get air in. Vomited up water for a few minutes and was struggling to breathe. Called an ambulance. He spent two days in hospital on oxygen, drip etc with water on his lungs (all cause of only a 20-30second immersion!)

My now 2 year old has had a few of these in the last little while - one more serious than others. I can't remember the first but was pulling the christmas tree down beginning of the year and had ds in his cot watching me pull down the tree. He was crying for a bit but didn't worry too much as it was more a tantrum than anything else. For some reason went into his room once the crying had stopped only to find blood on his sheets and in his mouth - part of his crying had been because he had banged his lip on the side of the cot and had split it open - just a little cut. I felt like the WORST mother around - called mum in a panic and gave him an ice block. By that time he had no idea what all the fuss was about so thought he was getting an ice black for nothing.

The second (and this the worst) was at Easter this year. We had a family gathering at a park for a birthday party - DS spent most of the time running around and rolling on the grass and ate very little. About an hour after eating went home and put him to bed - he woke after 10 mins coughing and crying. I assumed it was the start of a cold so gave him the usual 'drugs' and held onto him. Half an hour later he was still crying and I was getting VERY frustrated with him because I didn't know why he was still crying. Noticed a fine rash happening all over his tummy and he had some white spots on his cheeks - assuming it was an itchy rash due to the grass gave him to DH (then DF) to bath. Had been in the bath 5 mins when noticed huge mozzie bite sized lumps going down to his knees, all up his back, neck, face, arms. Dried him, called mum again (by this stage we were freaked out and heading for hosptial) gave him some antihistamine and into the car off to the hospital. Got to the end of our street and noticed all around his mouth was white. I was sitting in the car saying is it quicker to call an ambo and go back home or just straight to the hospital. Kept going to the hospital but almost half way there he became very non-responsive. Had to put my hand right into his face to make sure his eyes were still moving and he was still alive. He was seen at the hospital and were told that it didn't sound like an allergy - since then we have found he is allergic to nuts and eggs (both of which were at the lunch) and now has an epi-pen. I was convinced we were going to lose him on the way to the hospital!

The last time (well no there have been more since then but this is the worst of the latest that have happened) I was at work and my DH was looking after DS. I got a call from DH in a panic saying he was taking DS to the hospital as he was helping DH do the washing up and slipped off his little stool, banging his chin on the way down - blood everywhere - DH was convinced he had put his tooth right through his lip. I freaked out as I was on my own at work and had to wait another 2 hours til I had someone to cover me. DH called back 5 mins later saying not going to hospital as he had called my mum (a registered nurse) and she and he had decided it was not serious enough to go to the hospital. DS only had a tiny cut beside his lip so didn't go right through at all but still pretty scary for DH.

Today I was shopping with DH and DS - DS was running around the supermarket, all of a sudden took off and I followed, just didn't run. He turned a corner and went for the fruit and vege so I followed. All of a sudden I couldn't find him. I walked in and out of all the fruit and vege looking frantically - was about to ask ppl if they had seen him when I heard a scream that sounded like him. Walked towards where I thought I had heard the scream and he was with his Dad. He'd found his way back to DH but I was almost in tears and panicking! First time I have lost him - but I'm sure it won't be the last!

WOW! What an essay I've written - thought I could do it as short as possible - obviously not!

** RIP...Ash 27/6/1985 - 17/10/2009 **

Your story is so scary! Did you see the mum on tv who saved her little boy from drowning recently? I don't know if theres anything scarier! Well done! I don't think I'd handle that.

Peta, mummy to Alexandra 22months : )

twos company ... sounds like you have a child like my Ryan on your hands you poor thing! He has been through the wars hasn't he.

Lexi11, I did see the story about the mum who had to pull her child unconcious from the water a mth ago or so. She was so brave how calm she stayed and managed to get him breathing again with cpr. That little boy managed to get into the pool unsupervised cause of a broken gate so she was so lucky she found him so quickly. Water and kids is scary. The scariest thing with kids going under water is how silently and quickly it happens.

i was playing with my son (1yr old) and he fell and split his eye brow open, blood was pissing out everywhere, at first i thought he'd smashed his eye. he hit the side of a wooden bed at the time the bed was temporaly in his room. my partner and i were lucky we had a car, we went straight to the hospital, still bleeding, and dr came and check him out, he was ok by then, but they needed to glue his eye brow, but now 1 1/2 on you cant tell anything had happen.
bu that was the most scariest moment ever in my life.

izacc,ethan and mya

My DS only has half a front tooth having fallen over while running down a street. I was so concerned re the blood that i did not notice half his tooth was gone until a day later!! Good thing it is a baby tooth!!!

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