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first day of daycare Rss

well dd had her 4th time at daycare, and guess what, no tears either of us! i stayed for half an hour, as i wanted to watch her do things, and i think this really helped me.
she was happy for me to go, didnt bother her.
she has settled really well, nad is learning so much.
i now have no regretts about putting her in,
mind you i still miss her like you wouldnt believe.
when i pick her up, the look she gives me when she first sees me, and the squeals of delight, and the hug to go with it, brings tears to my eyes.
i love her so much!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

I started my angel at childcare 3days per week when she was 9mo. We had 6 visits before the big day. I'd sit there on the floor for an hour and she'd play. I got to know the staff (they got to know Ash), and when it came time to leave her there, I was sooo much more comfortable because i knew the staff were nice.

The first day I dropped her off, i went in, handed her over, said goodbye and left. I cried in the car and then went to the shops and sat in the photo-shop choosing photos of her to get printed. Because it was something i'd been trying to do for months, i got really into it and the time went quicker than if i'd just been at home. I was away for a bit over 2 hours before i had to go get her.

The second day (was easier) I went and had a haircut, then got my legs waxed. I managed to stay away about 3 hours.

The third day I went home and cleaned the house from top to bottom (I managed to stay away 4 hours).

The next week I started back at work 3 days a week. I was working short days (drop her off at 9, pick her up at 1:30).
The next week I dropped her off at 9, picked her up at 2pm.

I now work 9am-3pm and the gradual transition from home to childcare has really worked for my little angel.

I'm lucky enough that my boss let me do it this way, but if you have the opportunity, i'd really recommend it.

(BTW: the staff where Ash goes are great - each morning when i drop her off, they ask her if she wants a cuddle and she throws her arms out to them, even when i'm still holding her. it really sets my mind at ease that she's happy.)

Well I've finally done it. I dropped DS off for his first day of daycare. DH took him in for his orientation morning last week, which went really well. He played with the other kids quite happily. This morning he was fine when I left him, but I felt very strange doing it. Being at home felt weird as well. without him there. I called to check on him and his carer said that he had been crying a lot so they had been giving him lots of cuddles and even nursed him to sleep. I offered to come and get him but they said he was ok and they would call if he got really upset. I've given myself another hour before I go over there, but it has taken all my willpower to refrain from doing so until now. I really hope he's ok. I've been trying to get some work done but all I can think about is him!

I have tears rolling down my face reading these posts!

My DD is at kindy today. She goes 1 day a week and this is her fourth week. This morning was the first time she has cried when I've dropped her off and I really, really just wanted to put her back in the car and bring her home with me. It was so hard to walk out with her screaming and saying "Mummy!"

I don't know what to do. I think if the same thing happens next week, maybe I will stop sending her to daycare. It just seems awful that she's so upset and I just go and leave her there and she doesn't understand why.

Leah, DD 24/05/05 DS 09/01/07 #3 due 26/06/10

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