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My three and a half year old daughter has sores on her torso that appear to be fluid filled. Some are very small, while others are quite large, almost like warts. The doctor said not to burst them as it will make them spread, although he couldn't tell me what they were or how to get rid of them. Can anyone help?

Nic, QLD, 3yr +7yr girls

lie with my 21 month old he two weeks ago was limping and i couldnt think for the life of me what or when he had hurt him self . I then took mylittle one to the hospital to see if they could help me , as he goes to daycare and they didnt say anything about him hurting him self it was then up to the emergency dep at the western hospital to help me find out . Well to cut a long story short we went back day after day untill on the third day and a bone scan later they found that my little one had a fracture in the top of his foot and now hes in a cast . So all the advice that i can give is go back every day untill you get your answer . Yes its time consuming but these little ones need us to look after them untill its time for them to look after US...
Good luck i hope you get your answer....cathy 27 from Melbourne

cathy vic 20mth boy

Hi Nicole. It sounds as though my daughter has the same spots as your little girl. I went to the doctor and he said that you can pop the big ones if they look red and sore and then put some betadine on them. I dont know about this as alot of the children in my area have them and most of the doctors have said not to pop them. I do know that you should put betadine on them if they pop by themselves to help them stop spreading. I have also heard a rumor that there is a cream that you can get to clear them up, i have yet to find a doctor that knows of this. Most doctors have said that they will just go away by themselves. This was the case for 2 of the children who lived near me but it took around 2 years for them to dissapear. If you have found out anything new about clearing up the spots i would love to hear from you or anyonelse that knows how to get rid of them.

Karen, 2year toddler

my little cousin used to have these, my aunty went to a specialist for an allergy test and that found that he was allergic to moscito bites,
maybe it would be worth a try to go to a specialist and see what they say.

Tracey-daughters Enica & Krystal EDD 28/7/04

These sound similar to 'Tropical Warts'. We used to get them in Darwin heaps as kids. Maybe ask your doc or another doc if they know anything about it. We had a special needle to burst them with and then put mercurocrome on.

Good Luck.
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