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  5. anyone had reaction from chicken pox vac?

anyone had reaction from chicken pox vac? Lock Rss

I am wanting to get the chicken pox vaccination for my DS but am worried about poss reaction as he reacted to the MMR one. Has anyone had this and did it go ok? We are going on holiday soon to stay with family and friends and one of my friends schools has an outbreak of it at the moment....

Suz, NSW

Hi Suz01,

good question, I am also wanting to get my son immunised against chick pox I think though that it is pretty common for them to have a reaction to the MMR more so than the varicella (chick pox) as my son had quite a nasty reaction to this vacine and so did about 4 of the kids in our mum's group. I didn't see any possible reactions listed on the brochure either?

22 mths #2 due Sept 06

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