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Molloscum something or other Lock Rss

My 21 month old son has had raised like pimples on certain sections of his legs and arms so I took him to the Doctor to find out what it was and was told that it was this Molloscum thing(ive read about it in other posted messages), anyway that was 8 or so months ago, and they are still there. If it is what I was told, then he seems to have it mild as it hardly ever develops into a pussy pimple and he never scratches them. I have read that it is supposed to go by itself in about a year but today I was told by another doctor that it lasts for 2 years and not to give him baths as it spreads in the bath. I was wondering if anyone who knows about it could let me know a bit about it...just seems strange as other cases i've read about their children seem to scratch them and seem worse off. And I really dont wish to stop baths completely as he loves that time.
Is this that wart type virus? If so thats really weird as today my friend told me about how her son has them and i had never heard of it before>>

she said her dr said they will go themselves in a couple of years or there is a cream for about $100.

They look pretty yuck. If the cream worked I reckon I'd get it!!


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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