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naughty all the time Lock Rss

Ihave a 3 year old who is naughty when we go out he runs of or he will demand things he starts to kick and push or he will run out of the store with toys or lollies i yell at him and he just looks at me like he doesnt care i have given him a few smacks but you can only do so much these days could someone please help because i hate been a mum while he is like this i do have a 1yr old he might be jealous of him i cannot take much more

narelle vic.3yr old.and 1yr old

Things sound really hard for you at the moment. You are probably right about being jealous of the one year old. I would suggest that you just never give in to him when he behaves like that and explain that he wont get what he wants when he does behave badly. That would be a long process for him to learn but it works.
In the short term I would just take him home when he is like that and tell him he is missing out because he is being naughty.
Remember that every mum goes through the same stuff so no one is judging you, just feeling sympathetic.
Good luck with everything.

jacks mum

Dear Narelle,

I have an almost two year old who is so like your son. I try to confine him to the pram when we go out so that he doesn't run away. If I let him out he runs, and runs and runs - usually to the back of shops or out doors. It is awful because I can't look around at the shops anymore as it is just too painful and embaressing.

My boy used to scream and carry on every time we went walking past the park. I have set a pattern whereby I tell him before we get there that "we are/or are not going to the park today because you have been good/bad". This usually works. Same goes for the rides at the shops. When he's been good I let him go on the ride (without putting the money in usually) or if he's been naughty I say "no, you've been naughty".

I hope things get better for you but if you are still upset, ring the Tresillian Parent Help Line, they have given me lots of practical advice along the way. The ladies there are so caring and really empathise with you. They may even suggest you come in for a visit.

Best of luck!


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