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My 2 yr old daughter screams or squeels for attention and when she just feels like it and it is driving my husband and I nuts, we cant have a conversation without her screaming and she wakes up her brother and annoys other people and we have had enough. We have tried ignoring but I will be deaf by the time she is 2.5, I yell back at her and tell her to stop but she continues, I will never smack her for doing it or for anything else for that matter but it is frustrating when she thinks being told off is funny and time out is play time, does anyone else out there suffer from this and does anyone have any suggestions on ways we can make her understand that this behaviour isn't on before our household is held hostage by her screaming?
Our 14 month old also does this, and we have found nothing that helps stop it. We don't yell at him though as we believe that he then thinks well if Mummy and Daddy can do it so can I. My sister-in-law said that her 2 year old used to do it also and he just stopped. I wish I could give you an answer to solve the problem but I think it is just time. I agree though it is horrible and I am sure that if it goes on for much longer there will be two households sent deaf by screaming children.
Good luck.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

I have read a book (unsure of author) titled "How to discipline without shouting or spanking" which I found really helpful.

I guess they're just testing the boundaries, if you're consistent and calm in your approach they will eventually realise that the behaviour is not acceptable or appreciated.
Hi Jodie, Unfortunately I don't have a solution (thought I'd say this up front) but just to let you know that I have the same problem with my 15 month old. I pick him up all the time and now am having cortizone injections in my hand to combat the problem. I can't stand it either. We try to ignore it by going into another room and that seems to work sometimes. Usually it is because he is tired so we just put him to bed. I just wish we could turn him down!

Dee, NSW, 13mth toddler

I know it sounds awlful but i am glad there are other parents out there who have wounderful but screaming kids. Thank you for your responses I really do appreciate them and hopefully our children will all grow out of it soon. I will but a book on discpline and see if that helps as it is very hard to hide my temper from her ( I always manage to ) and I want her to grow up knowing she was a pretty good girl not one that screamed and squealed her way thruogh toddler hood. Thanks again.
I bought a book today called 'Discipline without shouting or spanking' by Jerry Wyckoff and Barbara C. Unell and if this is the book it is fantastic and has great real life stories in there which is a bonus. I bought it at Collins bookstore and was a great price compared to some books out there. Thank you so much Joe and hopefully this brings back some sanity into our home. smile
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