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Sudocream in hair Lock Rss

For reasons unkown to me, my children decided to put a big tub of sudocream into their hair. And now I have the tough time of trying to get it out.

I have tried soap, shampoo, even detergent. I would really love to hear of any other suggestions that mums have out there on how to get waterproof stuff out of hair. I can only use warm water to wash out as they are only little and its their heads. But any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi debbs, I am sorry but your post really made me laugh. My son didnt put sudocream in his hair (thankfully) but he did manage to decorate his change table and just about everything on it in sudocream. His little fingers were caked in it and he had it all around his mouth and in his teeth so he had been eating it. I know what you mean by trying to clean it up!!! Man that stuff just spreads out and stretches. At first I just thought he was so cute and took a few photos but it wasnt until I started the clean up that I realised the task I had in hand. However your problem would be a lot worse especially as they have such soft sensitive skins. If you have a trusted hairdresser perhaps you could ring them for advice. I mean trusted as you dont want to be sold a $40 bottle of product that still may not work. The other thing I thought of was a weak solution of vinegar???Of course you would have to be careful not to get it in their eyes but you could try a small patch at the back of their head and see if this makes a difference or if they complain of burning etc. Just do it in the bath so you can wash it off ASAP. Please let me know how you go as no doubt I will be you in a few months time and will need this advice. Good Luck!!
make up a paste of bicarb soda and watyer try thatit works on cradle cap mitght work just need it to dry

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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