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my 15 month old is very clingy Lock Rss

Hi my son has been very clingy to me over these past couple of weeks. He will not let me out of his sight. When I go to the toilet he follows when I hang the washing out he will scream at the door he is always pulling at my leg. When I try and watch television he is always by my side. We went to my mum's on the weekend and when I went outside and would scream and follow me outside, or mum or dad would try and take him outside to play with my other son but he screams until he is put back into my arms. I have also noticed he has little tantrums he will stomp his feet and scream or lay on the floor and cry. When I came to the library just the other day he stood at the door screaming until I left. My husband says that once I'm gone it takes Zac 5 minutes to calm down and then he goes along playing with his big brother. Having a shower is another hassle I can't have a shower/bath in peace without him screaming at the door to be let in. So I just leave the door open. Help is there anyone who is going through the same situation with their children or anyone who can offer advice on how I can stop this. It has become really frustrating....

Kellie,Qld, two boys aged 3 & 15 months

Hi miffy,

I have a very active and demanding 15 month old daughter too. I can't go to the toilet or have a shower without her as an audience. She climbs all over me when I sit down to relax (it doesn't help that I am 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby). She just wants to be with mum all the time. If I leave her inside to do something outside without her she cries and carries on untill I get back inside.

I am finding it very frustrating too, but I think it might just be a phase... well I am hoping. My daughter wont play by herself very much... mummy has to play too. I am constantly having toys thrust at me with a demanding look that says come and play with me.

I love my daughter, but hope she grows out of this soon. Rest assured you are not the only one experiencing this.

Good luck with your little boy...

Michelle smile
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