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  5. two year one month old girl cannot talk and does not want to even sit on toilet.

two year one month old girl cannot talk and does not want to even sit on toilet. Lock Rss

I have a two and one month old girl she is my third child as I have a 10 year old girl and a eight year old boy my little girl hardly says any clear words and refuses to sit on the toilet she always cries if I put her on it. I should not compare but my other two children were speaking at two years old and were both toilet trained by two as well. Maybe I am not as patient I am 40 years old this should not make a difference, is it me or could anyone help me with this plus she still wakes up during the night and will not settle unless we bring her into our bed she still needs a bottle of milk to go to sleep as well. Please help what am I doing wrong.


Julia NSW Toddler

Hi Isabella
You sound like a great mum. I too have a two year old little girl who is not the clearest speaker even though she is smart and suprises me about how much she knows, she gives it a go and is also going through potty training as we speak. Maybe you could try and read to her on the potty or the "big toilet" if that's what she prefers (some days my daughter will only go on the big toilet). We have a 'thing' where we call out charge and she gallops like a horse to the potty or she starts differnet movements like hopping and I have to follow. We play games have some toys handy and talk to her about what is going on. I even bought her a cheap small doll which came with its own potty to help her get the jist of things. I am no expert but don't rush it, it happens in time, the more time you spend sitting with them the better they feel about going. And if it happens by accident when she is sitting there praise her by clapping, cheering, dancing, treats, kisses or whatever it is to help her realise, hey I this is alright.

As with the talking, I know every child is different and will develop in there own time. With my daughter she could mimic every animal noise there is instead of saying what they are or could show you what they do eg roos hopping, it's a learning thing and you don't realise what they pick up. My nephew was the youngest and has two older sisters, who used to still treat him like a baby and spoke for him, so he didn't need to speak and he didn't need to find his independence because everything was done for him. The girls mothered him, and it was only change of routine by taking the bottle from him and substituting a special cup he picked out and having it half and hour before bed. They got him to throw the bottle and dummy in the bin so it was no more and went with it. A few tears and tantrums some nights but all went pretty well and was soon forgotten. Also getting him into a playgroup and to play with other kids his age that he started speaking and picking up words and turned into a little man who didn't need his bottle or dummy for bed. Instead of the family reading to your daughter they could ask her what certain things in the book were or ask her questions so that she would have to answer, it will finally work it just takes time and patience.

Good Luck and keep me updated on how it is all going.
Hi Isabella,

I don't think you're doing anything wrong!

With both the talking and toilet training it's my opinion that she will do both when she's ready!

Re the talking, you can be assured that she is listening to absolutely everything around her and is storing it all until the day she decides to have a go!

As for the toilet training she has to be ready herself. I think the worst thing we can do is force them to go. It can leave a very negative effect on them.

I guess all we can do is encourage them with everything they do and talk to them!

Lisa. Mum to Ethan 25/9/2000 and Ben 6/5/2003

Thanks Lisa for that I just have to be patient we always want our kids to grow up too quickly I am going to enjoy her while she is this young as they already grow up too quickly these days.

Thanks and have a great day.
Isabella, Julia's mum

Julia NSW Toddler

Thanks for that information it takes time but hopefully I will get there. I have decided just to enjoy her as my other two grew up too quickly.

Thanks again
Isabella, Julia's mum

Julia NSW Toddler

I wouldnt worry t much i ahve 2.4year old twins they arent tolet trained either they are able to speak clear tho she will be ready when she is ready and will let you know by saying did poo if you are worried go see your dr and he can referr you to a pead. she may need speak therapy if not talking stays as an issue
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