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When to try knickers?? Lock Rss

Whendo you give up the nappies (day time) & try knickers?
My almost 21mth old has decided to give t/training a go. For about a week now we've been asking her frequently if she wants to do wee/poo in the tiolet, and 98% of the time she will do a wee, and she will say toilet when she has done a she really has the idea. Yesterday she was even dry after her day sleep.Before this, her only wet nappy was her sleep one. I want to know when people has introduced knickers, I know this will give her more of an idea of when she's wet.
What has everyone tried?


I started training my daughter in earnest at about the same age and I used training pants (she still wears them as well as normal knickers). Training pants are good because it can contain accidents a little better and if they can't quite make it to the toilet before they start to go it holds the little bit of wetness away.

The day I started training I used them and stopped nappies all together except for nap and night times. My reason for doing this was because she knows that nappies (even the pull up type) are for wetting and pooing in so will go in them when she has them on.

I say go for it now! The worst that can happen is she has an accident and you have to clean it up!


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My daughter is currently toilet training. She goes to childcare during the week and one thing that they do at childcare for kids who are toilet training is to encourage the parents to get the kids to wear their knickers on top of their nappy/pullups so as to get them used to wearing knickers. When we are at home we take her pullups off except for when she has a sleep and we leave her knickers on and she loves wearing them. Having your toilet training toddler in knickers also makes them more aware of doing wee's and pooh's as they can't feel it properly whilst wearing nappies or pullups. When we began toilet training our daughter, we didn't know how to take it that one step further in trying to encourage her to use the toilet as we still had her in nappies and pullups and this is when we found out that they encourage you to put your kids in knickers at childcare and so we have continued it at home and is working great.

Mel, SA

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