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when do you start toilet training Lock Rss

I have a 13.5 month old daughter and I was wondering when do you start toilet training. I have a muscle disorder and a spinal condition that gives me trouble in lifting and hugging my child. Can anybody help?
hi I have just started to TT my DD whos 2.5yrs personally I think 13.5mnths is a bit early but every child is different. I dont think pushing your child into been TT is going to help my DD is now telling us when she is dirty and wet so let her tell you then take it from there smile

With the lifting I guess you dont have to lift with me I tell DD she has done good give her high 5 (her father started that for when shes done seomething good) and giver her a sticker.

All the best

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

HI my son is 20mths and has been using his potty for the last 3 months. We started him at 12 months but moved country etc. so it went by the way side but he was responding well to it even at that age.
If your daughter responds well go for it, I dont think there is any particular age for potty training.
With your disorder have you spoken to your DR's for any advise and help? I am pregnant again and am having a problem pregnancy so I cant lift my son but he is learning to climb on the couch for hugs or just standing next to me and hugging my leg while I stroke his head smile Your daughter will understand and make allowances for you, she wont even know there is a problem. Just think of the kids out there that dont get hugs and aren't picked up even though there is nothing wrong with their parents!
Great Mums care for their children and Im sure your a great Mum

Mother of Caleb & Lotti & Jacob

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