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pooing in the bath Lock Rss

I'm wondering if anyone else has problems with their toddler pooing in the bath? My bub is 16 months old and I feel he is too young to toilet train but every night for the past 3 nights he has done a poo in the bath.It is so gross and I feel so sorry for him as he loves his baths and I am having to get him out early and clean him up so he is missing out on his full bath time. Any suggestions would be appreciated,

lisa : )

Oh no, that is horrible for both of you. Maybe its worth seeing if he will sit on the potty or toilet and do a bath, just before or when you are running it. Either that is his poo time (seeings its a regular thing) or the warm water is making things move.

Could you possibly look at an alternate bath time, either morning (if usually at night) or night (if usually morning) and see how he goes (aka no poo)?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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