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Genital Touching Lock Rss

My 2 1/4 daughter has just discovered her genitals. She is still in nappies and nothing happens all day but she does a wee on the toilet before her bath and has started pulling her fanny apart and touching herself, just a quick poke and then she lets go but then she does it again and again and then in the bath too.

I have told her not to touch because she will make it sore and that its her private parts but she seems to know that she has to do it when Im not watching. She'll do it when Im not there and then when I come back into the bathroom she stops and pretends she wasnt doing anything.

Im not making a big fuss of it, just telling her not to touch or just touch once but it doesnt seem to be working. She has been in undies all morning today and her hand has crept down her pants a few times, not as concentrated as before mentioned just a hand down there holding on.

What can I do. I know I should just ignore it and hopefully it will go away but she seems to do it more when I ignore it and walk away but I dont want to rouse on her for it because Ive been told that can cause issues later on that its dirty and naughty etc.

Help Please

Bec. Mum to Jade (June 03) and Makai (July 06)

My daughter did the same thing. They are just curious and since they haven't really had the opportunity before they just see it as a new toy. Especially when they discover that it has feeling and as my DD said "it tickles!!! It didn't last long with my daughter and she still occasionally does it. I told her it was okay for her to touch it but nobody else was allowed to. She soon loses interest. She will also try looking at her fanny when she is on the toilet and has said to me that she is just trying to see where the wee comes from.
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