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Where do I get a doll the wee's? Lock Rss

Hi, I have read alot of people saying that they used a doll that wee's to demonstrate going to the toilet. My question is where did you get it and does anyone know of one thats not too dear. Any input would be really appreciated. Thanks
hi just worth a try but try a BIG W , K Mart store there the most likley places if u carnt see any ask one off the staff or a target store dont no if u wanna try this but im also going to try a dvd off a kids show but its about potty
training and while shes watching it im going to have the potty with her my daughter was on the loo but something happened she nos what wee is and where to do it its just doing it all again so now its just reminding her ok good luck

venessa,nsw, 3 year old girl, #2: EDD 17/7/07

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