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POTTY PARTY!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi, I would love to hear from all of you that have thrown a potty party about exactly what you did. I really want to TT my 2yr 7mth boy but I feel quite intimidated about it. I don't have family or friends to ask so I guess I feel a bit insecure as to what is the right thing to do. I have read books ect but it hasn't really helped me feel more confident I am hoping some guidance, tips and success stories from you guys will do the trick. I really really want to start he seems so grown up in every other way sleeps in a bed & doesn't use a pram anymore and I feel this is the next step. A big thank you to those who respond.
So you're toilet training!!! Well I found with my 4 yr old boy that the easiest way, (and this may seem a little strange), was to let him watch his dad go, only when doing a number1 of course. But he seemed to catch on as to what to do and then we just left his nappy off and let him run around with out it.

We had quite a few accidents but it didnt take very long for him to pick up that he got more praise and attention when he went to the loo.

Also another way is to take him yourself every hour or so, take his nappy off and get him to stand in front of the toilet, if it is a bit high for him then you can get these little stool/steps that make things a little less daunting as they are higher. I think you can get them from baby shops, they are good for girls too. Anyway just ask him to do wees for you in the toilet like a big boy and he will eventually start to tell you when he needs to go. It could take a while for him to even do it but if you be persistent with him and take hime every hour or so it should work.

Just remember though that every child is different and he may not use the toilet properly till he is older. I hope I have been of some help to you and please let me know if you would like to chat, I've been there before.
Email: [email protected]
Hi How are you...

I have a daughter Krystal who is turning 3 next month and i haven't started fully toilet training yet as im not sure if she is ready... I have printed off the Dr Phil guide to getting your child toilet trained in 1day...I have to buy a doll that wees... Are you trying the Dr Phil method too?

My daughter just hates the thought of sitting on the toilet, we have a cushion that sits on toilet, 2 x pottys on the floor...I really really want to get her trained very soon, as i feel like you too, she is grown up in every other way except not toilet trained....Shes not real keen on knickers, but i really have to start making her wear them...she did like them til she peed herself and she started screaming!!!!

I would love to keep in touch on how things are going with you and your little one...

I feel like she is never going to get out of nappies.

My email is [email protected] if you want to chat.

Thanks Kim.

Kim, QLD, 2yrs 11mths girl - Krystal

hi there

well i dont have any experience with boys but i have 2 nephews that i watched be toilet trained by there mother (sister in law) what she did was she let the boys watch there dad go to the toilet and they put something like a fruit loop or something that could be aimed at in the toilet and they thought that it was fun that dad got to shoot something in the toilet with his wee's and then she slowly introduced them to it and they took to it really well cause they thought that it was the best thing ever they were relieving themselves and getting to have fun at the same time so hopefully that could help otherwise with my daughter i brought her a potty from target of all places that is a 3 in one potty, potty seat for the big toilet, and a stool when you take the potty seat off the top and just kept on sitting her on the potty till one day she got that it was ok to pee on the potty cause i would tell her that it was ok to pee in the potty and that big girls dont pee in there nappies and that they wear undies like mummy and daddy and well we got her toilet trained by the age of 2 for pee's but she still wont poo on the toilet

so good luck please let me know how you get on with your son as im due to have a boy in a few weeks time

Renee d.o.b: 7/12/03, Aiden d.o.b: 22/12/05

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