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A Question for those of you who have conquered TT. Lock Rss

Hi I was wondering for those of you who have conquered TT did your child at first hop on then off, stand up sit down and generally be restless when they sat or did they just sit still. My son figets alot on the loo and I think it is part of the reason he's not doing anything. Did your child do this? Did they get it out of their system or do you have to make them sit still? I am trying to keep potty time fun so I don't want to push it if he will settle by himself. Thanks.

Hi Brismummy,

I'm not sure. We seemed to do things different to everyone... Lots of people I talk to read on the toilet, etc... and generally seem to spend a lot of time there but we didn't. I tell you what we did, some part of it may work for you... A was trained before her 2nd birthday, and in 3 months she's 3 so it was a while ago, but I'll do my best to include everything, but if I miss something out or it doesn't make sense just ask what I meant.

To begin I had the potty sitting there. We talked about it, she watched me go, we read potty books and made up potty songs. A would sit on it whenever she wanted and occassionally do something, then one day (out of nowhere) she refussed to wear nappies or pullups, so I told her she had to wear cotton undies and do her wees and poos on the toilet, then 2 days later she was (with me taking her to the toilet every 40-45 minutes, and watching her for signs of I need to go).

At first when she was on the potty/toilet (we got an insert too) we would sing songs while we were waiting for the wee, but the toilet is germy so we don't spend longer on it than we needed to.

In the beginning when she sat on the toilet (regardless of something happening) I gave her a sticker, when she did a wee she got 2 stickers and a poo earned her a choc ball. When she got better I made a chart to put the stickers on so we could show daddy (actually I downloaded it from this site somewhere) and I had a new one for each day (fresh start). About two weeks later she was telling me when she needed to go .

Having said that it took a couple of months to train through day sleep, and i still nappy her at night (but she wakes up dry most mornings)....

Hope it helps, if you want to chat off line so to speak you can email me on [email protected]



mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

Hi there,

Both my older 2 did this at first and it is frustrating I think but you have to keep explaining to them why they are there and what to do etc. Play a game or two to try keep their attention so they don't get bored just sitting. Once they understand then it stops.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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