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Where to buy training pants? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My boys are 2.4 years and are showing signs of wanting to use the potty. They've both managed to do wee's and one asked for the potty the other day and actually did poo. We made a big deal of it and you could see how excited and proud he was. It has made me realise that they are going to be the ones to tell me when they are ready not the other way around ( I was planning on leaving it 'til after christmas). I'm having trouble buying those terry towelling training knicker though and wondered if anyone might know where to buy them or have seen them anywhere. I've tried kmart, big w and target all ready to no avail. They seem to be harder to find that I imagined and I really want to use them because sooo many people I speak to swear by them for training.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks heaps!

twinboys & a princess

I've seen them in david jones and I'm sure in kmart too. I'm so sure bright bots makes them so maybe a bright bots stockist may have them or if you're in Brissy you could check out the factory at stafford???

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

I bought some the other day from Big W. Pack of 3 for $6. they were three bright nice colors with the pvc only in the bottom and up the back a little. I thought these ones were better than the ones I saw in Kmart that had pvc all through them, at least the other ones can breath a little. The kmart ones were $2.40 each or around that I think, but their colors weren't as nice as the others. They were in the baby section too, not the kids undies section.

I got heaps for my little girl from Best and Less.

They are about 2.99 each.

Hope this helps.


Kim, QLD, 2yrs 11mths girl - Krystal

If you want to compare with the full variety of choices you should go to:
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