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ANyone tt without child being able to tell you whe Lock Rss


My ds is 2 next month. His a pretty good talker and can say alot of things. But he dosen't tell me when he is filling his nappy, weather it be wee or poo. After he is finished pooing he will walk funny, so i can tell whens his finished. But he dosen't ever seem to stop or be still, so i assume he fills it while running and playing. At the moment i sit him on the potty while i go to the toilet, It's the only way he'll stay on the potty for more than 2 secs. And when i ask him where any of his body parts are, like head, nose, arms..I then ask where his "wee wee" is and he grabs his nappy.
I've tried putting the toddler toilet seat on the big toilet but he won't have a bar of it.

Just wondering if anyone has TT their toddler without any verbal indications...If so How did you do it

[Edited on 23/02/2008]

Hi Jack's mum,
I started my DS1 using the potty well before he could talk. I found the best way was to include it in his daily routine. This is what my just turned two boy does:
Sit him on the potty when he first gets up. I find if you change his clothes while he sits there it distracts him.
Then get him to sit on the potty for about 5 mins or less if he does something after each meal, when he wakes up from his nap and while you read a story before bed.
You may have to sit with him till he gets used to it or distract him with books and toys.
Use nappies the rest of the time.
They get used to doing something and learn that it is easier to do a poo without a nappy on.
If you make potty use a predictable part of the day it won't become a hassle. Then when his nappies are dry inbetween you can lose the nappy.
thankyou so much!

You have no idea how relieved i feel by now having a clear plan. It sounds absurd seeing i haven't started to implement anything yet. But your suggestions were clear and easy to understand and seem easy to follow and make part of his routine. thankyou so much. Going to start afresh tomorrow morning!

You have mad the hardest thing(in my mind) suddenly a little easier thanks alot!


Yah, this is the best advice I've seen on TT! I always feel so confused, like there is heaps of advice, but it felt like I was missing a step! I tried it for one day, and it was an absolute disaster for everyone, but adopt a new routine and then once some dry nappies I'll introduce undies. We are yet to get any indication that our 2.5yr DD is needing to wee or poo, but she will wee on the toilet at various times at home and childcare. However, she doesn't seem at all concerned about having a wet/dirty nappy so without her indicating being ready, we have been hesitant to push it. I like the idea of not going cold turkey on the nappies, as the day we tried undies only, she seemed to think the wee on the floor was something to splash about in! Frustrating when the entire day was spent running to the toilet. I'm keen for all the ideas I can get, so thanks for all the suggestions everyone posts!
im trying to do the same with rhylie at the moment, he is 10mths, hoping to have him TT before thsi bub arrives in dec. he does tell me when he is going, but can tell me where the poo and wee is, and where it should go, he went to do a poo this morning so we ran off to the toilet, he was all excited but wont sit there, within 2min of his nappy on his had done the poo, he takes a whole of 5 sec to do it, so i cant catch him mid act and chuck him on the loo. any help would be great. i just dont really know how to go about this, we always put him on before he gets in the shower cuz he wees straight away in there, but he jsut wont do anything or try on the loo. oh and we are using pull up training pants, cuz he wont have a bar of nappies
[Edited on 29/04/2008]
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