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Going to potty and wetting through knickers Lock Rss

Hi my name is Alyson and I am new to the parents exchange. I would like to know if anyone has experienced their child going to the potty and wetting through their knickers. My daughter is great if she is bare-bottomed but as soon as she has knickers on their are accidents and if she does go to the potty she just pees through the knickers and it doesn't seem to bother her leaving wet knickers on afterwards as I have tried the theory of Supernanny and left them on for a little while to see if she got uncomfortable also we are new to Cairns and hoping to meet some new people so if you are interested in a chat please reply. I look forward to anyone's help with this!!

Alyson, Qld, 2yr old girl


I have just gotten our 2yr toilet trained completely...thank goodness as having 2 in nappies is costly!! Anyway, we had this problem too at first so we just let her run around the house and back yard with no undies on and then I gradually put undies on her for periods throughout the day...for longer each time, and we would still have accidents in them but she eventually understood that she had to take them off when going to the loo.

Keep trying and your daughter will get there.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Alyson, I have a 2 yr old daughter that has the same problem loves the bare bottom but just doesnt like to pull down the pants, sorry i havent found the answer but its nice to know im not the only one
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