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My 2yr10mth old want's to be toilet trained. we have been trying for 2 months and she knows what to do on the potty, she can get her pants down, she loves her jock, she is devestated when she wee's in her jocks and she doesn't like to were her nappy anymore (NOT EVERN WHEN WE GO OUT). i started by bringing her to the toilet every hour then every 2 hours. she oftern go's in the potty but only cos i got her there. im wondering when will she start going by herself as she wont go back to nappies. is she ready?

Teagan 7, Ryden 4, Tayla 3 and Me&Dh 35

Hi, my son was the same and soon enough he started going by himself. I have a friend who has a dughter who is 3 and she is like this now. I dont know if this would help, but maybe ask her if she has to go , and when she does, tell her she knows where the potty is, and let her go by herself, dont go with her. If she dosent go there by herself and wees her pants, maybe she will go in the future, cause she dosent like wet pants. So, to make a long story short (lol) stop taking her and let her go there herself. She will soon know what to do, as she dosent want wet pants!!!
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