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2 steps forward, one back!! Lock Rss

Another vent... had a few lately lol

My eldest son has been a bit slow on the ol' toilet training uptake. The penny finally dropped about a month and a half ago. he was taking himself off to the toilet, telling us when he needed to go... now all of a sudden... nothing, he's just wetting himself again!

In the last 3 days he's had 4 "accidents" including a poo in his pullups after his sleep (which he hasn't done for MONTHS!!!).

Any ideas about what might be causing this regression?? If you've read my post in Toddler Relatioships, it's not just TT that has regressed but his whole attitude, behaviour, everything, he just seems to have shut down and gone back into baby mode!!

2 boys under 4

Not knowing the full story here but is there younger siblings? Maybe your son feels he not getting attention and by acting out with his behaviour and also having accidents he is getting it?

Not saying your ignoring your child but from experience younger children seem to think they should get all your attention and not have to share! Having 3 kids of my own I know it can be difficult to give attention to your kids to their satisfaction and found it rather difficult tt my 2yr old while also trying to care for my 6mth old!

I hope you find a solution or reason soon...all the best.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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