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Going from potty to big toilet only! Lock Rss

My girls have been potty training for some time and they also use the big toilet sometimes. But mostly use the potty.
Would like to hear how others have done the jump to just the big toilet.

Mum to twin girls 3yrs

I found with my daughter she prefered the potty because she felt more secure on the potty i found out she felt like she was going to fall into the toilet]. I solved this with step for her to use when going to the toilet, and one of those toddler training seats that fot onto the normal toilet. There are even varieties that have handles for the child to hold onto while on the toilet. It worked for me! My next child skiped potty & went straight to toilet with the help of the training seat.
Hi Tosca
i also have twin girls (turning 3 in Feb) - I used the potty to start with because I tried to get both to sit down and go at the same time. Then I took one potty away and bought a Toilet Seat with handles and a step (it was from Big W about $29) so that when we tried to sit down together again - each took turns at using the big toilet whilst the other had to use the potty, then finally I took the other potty a way and they now will both happily sit on the big toilet.
it is definately time consuming with twins hey!
cheers karen

karen, QLD, 2yr Twins & 9 mth baby

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