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Hates potty and toilet Lock Rss

My son does not want to wear nappies at all, just undies for the past week. My problem with that is that he does not tell me when he needs to pee or poo, he just goes anywhere. I ask him every minute if he needs to go but he ignores me. He screams when I sit him on the potty or toilet. When he needs to poo he hides behind furniture or in another room, and gets really scared when I find out he has pooed and runs. This is incredibly frustrating because I have no problem with him not wearing nappies anymore but why won't he tell me? Why is he scared of the toilet? Even the potty? Has anyone had this problem and fixed it?

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My 3yo son will not use potty, he just dosn't like it never has, your son might be the same! A friend's son never liked it and refused to use it ever! my sugestion give up on the potty & try for the toilet. Now for that part of the problem, he might be like my son and daughter and be afraid of falling into the toilet. I solved this by getting a step for use when toddlers are useing the toilet. For my daughter I purchased a training seat that fits onto the toilet[make shure it fits snugly], It worked wonders and I now use it for my son. The secret to the training seat & step is when starting out leave it set up at all times. With the jocks problem, my son had the same trouble & when I changed him into cotton boxers instead he stoped haveing the problem. I beleave it was the elastic around the legs that made the hroblem of him knowing when to use the toilet worse.
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