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So, how do you actually start??? Lock Rss

Hi all-
my daughter is two in a month and I am pretty sure she is ready to start toilet training. Last week when we were overseas on holiday she asked to go to the toilet, and I was a bit slow getting there, thinking it was yet another of her faulse alarms, but she actually stood beside the toilet and weed on the floor! I felt awful!!!
So... what I've done is to give her plenty to drink, and yesterday I put her in her smart new undies and told her to tell mummy if she wanted to wee. I then took her to the loo every 10 mins or so, which wasn't often enough as the extra fluids meant she wet herself 3 times in about half an hour! Then I sat her on the loo and read her a story until she weed in the loo, and gave her a smartie as a reward, but she wasn't as impressed as I thought she'd be. Should I just continue to put her in undies for a few hours a day with regular periods of time waiting on the toilet? Is that how you do it? I just don't really know where to go from here, it seems easier to keep her in nappies!!! (is that awful?) I can see she is ready, and I just want to help the situation as best I can. What now??? Thanks all.

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

I started my daughter at almost 2. I just did it cold turkey. No nappy at all. I asked her if she needed to wee every half hour. If she said no I would say well lets go anyway and see if we can find some wee. Most times she would go. I have a reward chart on the fridge so that when she went she could put a new sticker on the chart (this works for her because she loves stickers). It is now a year down the track and we still have accidents and bad days but 99% of the time she is great.

I think you'd confuse your daughter by sending her mixed messages if you only let her wear undies for few hours a day. From from her perspective if you did this she may be thinking things like: I used the toilet why am I wearing nappies; Mummy doesn't see that I'm trying; Mummy is mad at me; I'm a big girl... and as a result it would be a blow to her confidence.

Kids are strange, at first my DD didn't seem too excited when she did a wee on the loo, but then she had watched me do it for so long, and I hadn't clapped and cheered myself, so it just seemed natural not to have to do this... when she realised what a big deal it was she cheered though.

Regularly sitting on the toilet is good, and when she learns to feel the motion coming she will begin to either take herself or tell you she needs to go.

If you can stay at home for the first week it is helpful, because you can focus your energy on your daughter, and know that there is a loo really close by whenever you need it (assuming cotton undies for all waking periods). I was lucky that in the first week of training i had a quiet week at home, I didn't schedule any visitors, and we had a really great focus time.

Unfortunately (from the perspective of TT) we live close to the city, and our small block doensn't have grass (yet)(or a usable backyard really), but it would have been great if we could go outside and play where we could hose off any accidents (this is in the day of no water restrictions)... Maybe you could play outside for part of the day though....

Let me encourage you by saying the accidents slow down and the time between them widens. Summer is a great time to train for stacks of reasons (washing on the top of the list for me), I'd go with it, save yourself money on nappies, and celebrate the beginning of the next stage.



mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

i started my son a bit earlier by taking him to the shops and lettin him choose a potty and a bag of mixed lollies as soon as we got home i let him fing a good place to put the potty (he choose the kitchen) then i took his nappy off and explained how since he was getting bigger nappies where gonna get to small for him soon so he had to use his potty . you can see his potty from the toilet so every time i had to go i would tell him and asked if he would like to sit on his and do a wee 2 i also gave him half a lollie for a wee and a ful lollie for a poo but once he got use to it he stoped asking for a lollie .in total this has taken about 10 months but we are now at the stage where he only wears a nappy at night. hope this helps (i thought it was easier to keep him in nappies to i think thats y its taken so long) oh nd we always kept his nappy off when we where at home to start him off except when he had his daytime sleep.
sam 20

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