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At wits end almost .... Lock Rss


We have just recently started TT our 3.5 yr old son. Had tried a couple of times before but he just never quite seemed ready and with both of us working full time it was always hard to find the time at the weekends when you are trying to catch up on the other day to day stuff along with keeping up with his little brother.

Anyway long story short tried on one Sunday putting him straight into undies had a couple of little accidents that day but touch wood in just over three weeks we have never had another one.

However we are having no luck with the poo thing. We have tried everything we can think of. We even let him pick out a big truck he wanted in the toy shop and that is sitting on the bookshelf for him just waiting for the 1st poo on the loo! Have tried suggesting to him if he is really uncomfy with doing it on the loo then a least come and ask for a nappy so it isn't so messy so to speak.

And he keeps going yes mummy I will do that but no keeps doing it in his undies.

He is definately old enough to understand especially with how well he went with the wee side of things. We have never growled at him for making a mess in his undies but is starting to get really frustrating.

I know it takes a little while for that side of things to kick in but how long is a little while??

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.

Kerry (mum to Corey 3/6/02 & Hayden 1/7/04)

Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags

It Took about a month for our DS to know when he needed to do a #2 , I sugest that if he lets off and you happen to catch him to take him to the toilet. And tell him if he gets a sore tummy that that means he has to go to the toilet.
Hi! Isn't it funny but i have the total opposite situation!!

My 2yo daughter is doin great on the poo thing cos she has been grabbing her bum and saying uh oh mum everytime that she has needed to do a poo but the wee thing, well thats another story... We need to exchange secrets i think lol..

I find with my daughter about 20mins after she eats she starts holding her bum so I put her on the loo and we have a chat or read a story or play a game so she sits there until she's ready to get down to business...

I have only been toilet training her for 3 days and she has done 2 and a half wee's on the loo... (half meaning she was half way there and peed everywhere but a drop in the toilet.

Good luck mate but it's alot harder than everyone says it is!!!

Cas, Adelaide, 2yo and 10mo

Hi there. It must be boys - am sure of it. We have just started toilet training our 3 year old (dob 9/01/03) and it is hard work. He does #1s easy enough - still some accidents but he holds on if it starts and goes to potty (we tried the toilet but that was NO GO!). Number 2s is another matter - he will hold on and hold on and then say he has a sore stomach - can't reason with a 3 year old and tell them that if he went to the potty he would feel better. The one time we convinced him of this he was constipated (!!!!) because he had held on too long and we think this may make him wary and scared - has this happened to anyone else and if so how did you fix the problem. Also anyone found a way to take undies off a 3 year old that has been "soiled" without making a HUGE MESS???? Help appreciated. Good luck to you and if you find out the secret please let me in. - I now have a four month old too so it does make it interesting.

Denise mum of ds-03, dd-05

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