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Start TT on 2 year old girl Lock Rss

Hi, my daughter just turned 2 and I feel she is ready for toilet training. But I am a bit confused with the information I got from my friends regard TT. Some told me to take off her nappy on the first day of TT straight into undie. But some books I read they suggest to keep nappy on in the begining.

Sould someone tell me what to do? I feel it's a hassle to take off her nappy and to put it back on after sitting on the toilet. But it could definitely be more hassle to clean up the mess on the floor too

Our house is fully carpeted on the first and second storey except on the rumpus and kitchen. I am so afraid of accidents on the carpet that I reallly leave TT this late.

Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

Hi stephaniesmum, I have 3 yr old twin boys who were quite easy to train and did so just after their 2nd birthday. However, I also have over ten years expereince in the early childhood industry and know how overwhelming it can be when everyone seems to have the best tips on how to toilet train successfully. My only advice is to sit back and observe your daughters habits, are there times throughout the day that she recognises she is doing a wee or a poo, if she doesn't appear to register when she is doing either, she may not be ready for this next level of independence.. If she is recognising, then I would put her in towelling trainer pants available at kmart or big w and then put plastic pilchers over the top, so that if she does have an accident it wont leak that much through the plastic pilchers.. Also put a potty in the area she spends most of her play time, so that you can put her on every few hours, its best to bring the potty to her in the beginning as they dont know how to hold on very well.. Try putting her on the potty at routine times throughout the day, eg. when she wakes in the a.m, after breaky, before and after lunch, before and after sleeptime and also before and after bathtime.. If you try to be consistent with the routine times, she will soon start to learn that these are the times when she should go to the toilet..It all takes time, some pick it up fast ,some not. Goodluck!
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