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16 Mth Girl Constantally with Hands down pants Lock Rss


Just woundering if any one has come across this problem.
My 16 mth DD constantally has her hands down her pants its been going on for about 2 weeks, she has also discovered how to take her nappy off.....she has been also weeing in her hands and takes her nappy off just before she dose a poo and dose the poo on the floor...
I didnt want to TT to earlie i realy wanted to wait untill she was 2 ??

Im going to wait a few more weeks to see if this will pass.

Any advice would be appreciated


Shannon WA, DD Tiana 2, No2 EDD 8th May

Maya has just discovered her genitals (for want of a better word) and calls it her 'wee'. She isnt really interested yet.. but I'm sure it wont be long. I dont think you need to worry, it's just a faze like everything else... As for the nappy and avoiding the wee and poo everywhere, have you tried putting the nappy on backwards, taping it up or putting little knickers on top??? Just a few suggestions. I dont think these things alone are a sign she needs to TT... and prob best to wait a while.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Hi Shannon, I haven't had this problem but I thought if DD is aware that she is going to wee or poo and has the time to take off nappy then she is ready. My kids had no clue they were about to go for so long.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

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