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what age would u consider..... Lock Rss

pretty old to not be toilet trained???
as in 5 is too old to not use toilet/potty or 18 months???

just want everyone opinions hahaha

***haydens mum***

i think 4.

i always thought the "norm" for tt was between 2 and 3 yrs old.

my son is wee trained and hes 2 next month. he still poos his jocks.
Yep I also think four with most being trained between 2 & 3.
Ok a lot of people probably won't be happy with my answer...but I think 3 is too old. Ideally I would want my kids toilet trained by the age of 2. But my little boy is only 16months and I have never toilet trained a kid so you will probably all think I am dreaming! lol! My mum had 7 kids though and we were all toilet trained around the age of 2, some a little sooner then 2, some a little after 2.

oh ok my son is 2.5 in august and yeah hasnt even really started... i thought he was getting to the too old stage... maybe i just expected more from him hahaha so he's not abnormal thats all i was conderned about

***haydens mum***

I agree with connorbubba, it is the people who wait too long to start that have heaps of problems.

I start my boys at 6 months with familiarisation and my 2 year old is out of nappies now, so it is worth the effort.
I think 3 is too old. ds is 2 next month and i want to start tt him soon. Kinda hoping to wait until spring where he'll be about 2yrs 3mnths.
The professionals advise to start at around 2, starting too early most often leads to it taking much longer.
Posted by: JennyWit
it is the people who wait too long to start that have heaps of problems.

This isn't always true.......we started too early with DS1 and had heaps of problems, left him until he was ready and was dry in the daytime within 2 weeks and stopped pooing his pants less than 3 months later and with alot less hassle.

Ooh and we tried to start him at 3, ended up waiting another 4 months before he was onside, so he was nearly 3.5.
[Edited on 22/06/2008]

geezz some people certainly have high expectations! Be interesting to see if you get what you what!!!
I think under 18mths is too early, as its only toilet timing, they dont actually know how to control it!
Most kids are Fully TT by school/kinder with a few accidents, so i would assume by age 5 it should be all sorted FULLY.
But i would say 2-4 would be most "normal" age to TT.
I also read, it can take 18mths to fully toilet train a child, obviously it varies tho!
My daughter is going on 10 months and im considering trying to start training her. I just thought that if i put her on the potty next to me when i go then she will eventually get the idea. It may take a while but i feel that it may be an easier way to do it. I spose i will see when i try.

we started cooper early, and that caused a bit of trouble. though we'd just get him used to it and sit him on it every now and again and he didnt like it. so we started again last month just gradually and he did his 2nd wee today! yay!


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