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allergic to normal cotton undies Lock Rss

I think my daughter is allergic to normal store bought cotton undies. Has any one else come across this problem? she has a red rash just on the fatty bit of her bum. it has only been since she has been in knickers, about 2 weeks. we've tried everything else ie the toilet paper, washing powder. any advice at all

[Edited on 01/07/2008]
Its uncommon for kids to be allergic to cotton, my DD has eczema and cotton is the only thing I CAN put her in! Are the knickers 100% cotton, or is there something else they are made of as well?

One thought I did have was did you wash the undies before she wore them for the first time? I know some people who have bought clothes or undergarments and not washed them first because they have come in a plastic wrapping or whatever, and they have come out in a rash.

may b its the elastic.
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