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Are 1 hour toilet stops being to pushy? Lock Rss

Hello, I'd like to find out what people think about taking your child off to the toilet every 45mins to an hour when starting toilet training. I'm getting alot of conflicting reports! My plan was to keep taking my daughter to the toilet on regular intervals to try to stop accidents, of course this didn't work at all, and she was not a happy camper being taken back to the toilet for the 10 th time of the day and I was frustrated at having 10 accidents in between!

I've been told that this doesn't actually teach them about bladder control and it is only training them to follow our cues. If so, is it better to ask if they need to go every couple of hours but to just let them have accidents so they figure it out themselves? I feel that I was in the process of creating a monster being so in her face about constantly going and this reflected on all her behaviour - not a good situation for anyone!

What do you all think?

We went with the 45-60 minute trip to the toilet together with great success. The time frame is a guide, you really need to be watching their body language most of all. For example, my DD would kind of grab at her crutch when she got that wee feeling. At this point I would say lets go to the toilet and it was great fun, DD enjoyed the process. Soon enough, she would tell me she wanted to go rather than me prompting and we'd have a piggy back or race down. At this point I backed off the time frame, only intervening if I saw the body language and she wasn't going (as distracted with play).

I didn't like asking her if she wanted to go because 99% of the time the answer is a 'NO' and then arguments begin. They get too distracted with play and ignour the signs so often accidents happen. Once they have accidents it can all go to custard so my approach was to make sure I captured all wee/poo and built her confidence to do it on her own.

My DD was dry by day and night and self initiating toileting at 2 years old within 2 weeks of full on TT (knickers) with no accidents. She has self toileted since, with me only having to prompt her to go before we go out some-where. We have had 3 accidents in 18 months, one at kindy when DD was outside and didn't want to get off the bike and 2 at home when she didn't pull her pants down properly when sitting on the toilet.

Naturally, I am a fan of being more proactive about the TT process, BUT, I think all kids are different and we just got lucky with this method. There is no guarantee our DS will take to it so we may end up doing some-thing different. I also think potty/toilet familiarisation prior to TT is vital. Most parents I have chatted to that did comprehensive familiarisation had a quick and easy transition at the TT stage.

To me, I think what ever you do will work if you are observant enough and persistant. It is so much work for parents when TT, more so than the kiddies.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i think it depends when you start. we started tt eli when he was 18??20?? months, the first weeks i didnt have to do anything, he was obsessed with the potty.

by 23months i tried to drag it out to 60mins, but he coudlnt do it.

he is now 2m2w and i would guess he went to the toilet or potty a max of 8times today? without any accidents.

but also if he drinks juice, he will drink the whole cup. even if i take him to the potty 5mins after the drink, he still wets himself. so i only offer small amounts of juice, and he has a drink bottle of water, and he drinks that a little bit all day long.

We tried that method with DD. Taking her every 45min to 1 hr and she would not go at all on the potty or toilet but would wet her pants as soon as she was off them. So we backed off and tried again a few times, still didnt work.

She is 2yr 10 mths and I was beginning to wonder if she would even be starting TT before 3.

Well she did last week it just clicked and she woke up wednesday worning and wanted to go to the potty. she has had a few accidents but yesterday stayed dry all day we even went to the shops and she went on the little toilet in the parents room.

Maybe if it's not working for her just hold off for a bit even a month and see how she goes then. Hopefully it will just click for her. I think if they are not ready then it just wont happen.

Is your DD really active? mine is and i think that was part of the problem she thought she would miss out on something if she was away on the potty.

Good luck

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

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